One Piece Odyssey That Tea Tastes Thorny: Where To Find The Jars Of Tea Leaves

by Vlad
January 16, 2023

One Piece Odyssey That Tea Tastes Thorny is one of the shortest Side Stories available in Alubarna, but it is also the trickiest because it involves two jars of tea leaves you’ll have to find.

Furthermore, the One Piece Odyssey That Tea Tastes Thorny Side Story requires you to complete the Talented Doctor Side Quest and free the city of Alubarna from Crocodile.

When both these requirements are completed, That Tea Tastes Thorny Side Quest becomes available, and in the following walkthrough, we’ll discuss the locations of the Tea Leaves Jars you must recover.

How To Start That Tea Tastes Thorny Side Story

That Tea Tastes Thorny in One Piece Odyssey can be triggered by visiting the area close to the southern gate in Alubarna after defeating the Crocodile or the boss at the end of Chapter 2.

If you stick to the main objectives, you’ll eventually return to Alubarna on your way to the Crab Mover during the third Chapter.

When you return to the city, open your map and look for the blue icon in the following screenshot.

One Piece Odyssey That Tea Tastes Thorny Walkthrough

It is worth knowing, though, that if you can’t see the icon on your map, you must complete another quest named Talented Doctor.

Assuming you finished it and helped the Old Lady, visit the spot we have marked for you and look for a young woman by the street. She has pink hair, and you can’t miss her because she’s crying.

Upon talking to the NPC named Crybaby Tea Merchant Lief, you’ll find out that she lost two jars of tea leaves.

So, your objective for this quest is to find them, and in exchange, you’ll receive the following rewards:

  • 18.000 Berries
  • 1 Spiders Cafe Employee Card

So, let’s see where to find the two One Piece Odyssey Jars of Tea Leaves.

Where To Find The Two Jars Of Tea Leaves

The One Piece Odyssey Tea Leaves Jars, are found in the southern area of Alubarna, but they won’t be marked on your map.

As such, after you start the quest, follow the alley behind the Crybaby Tea Merchant Lief and head west, as pictured below.

One Piece Odyssey That Tea Tastes Thorny Guide

When you reach the small plaza on the other side, look for a Royal Army Soldier leaning on a wall. Talk to him, and he’ll give you the first Jar of Tea Leaves.

Now, return to the main street and head north towards the large iron gate in the distance.

On the right side, in front of a shop, you’ll see another soldier (pictured below).

One Piece Odyssey That Tea Tastes Thorny Jars of Tea Leaves Locations

Talk to the second Royal Army Soldier, and he’ll tell you that some shady characters took the second One Piece Odyssey Tea Leaves Jar. Luckily they are nearby.

From the soldier’s location, follow the stairs east, and they’ll lead you to a small alley where you’ll find the Tea Leaf Thief.

One Piece Odyssey That Tea Tastes Thorny Tea Leaves Jars Locations

Upon talking to the Tea Leaf Thief, get ready for a quick fight, and make sure you defeat the group.

As a reward, you’ll get the second Jar of Leaves, and you can return to the quest giver. You’ll find her at the same location marked on the map above.

Now, give her the jars and the One Piece Odyssey That Tea Tastes Thorny Side Quest ends, but be advised that more Side Stories are waiting for you, and you can find walkthroughs for them by visiting our Wiki Hub here.

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