One Piece Odyssey Talented Doctor: Where To Find Gator Bananas

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January 16, 2023

One Piece Odyssey Talented Doctor is one of the Side Stories you can complete in Alubarna after meeting an Old Woman with Back Pain if you manage to find some Gator Bananas.

Since the said Bananas are common items within the Desert area, the One Piece Odyssey Talented Doctor Side Quest is very accessible; however, before going after the quest items, you’ll also need to find a specific doctor who arrived in Alubarna from the Drum Kingdom.

This means that the Talented Doctor Side Story in One Piece Odyssey features multiple objectives, and the following walkthrough will guide you to the exact locations you’ll need to visit.

How To Start The Talented Doctor Side Quest

To start the Talented Doctor Quest in One Piece Odyssey, you’ll have to free the city from Crocodile or complete Chapter 2.

As you progress through the story, you’ll eventually return to Alubarna while working to find the Crab Mover.

While in the city, if you open your map, you’ll see a blue icon in the central area of Alubarna at the location pinpointed on our map below.

One Piece Odyssey Talented Doctor Walkthrough

Upon reaching the location marked on our map, look for an old lady with blue hair sitting on a small bench on the corner of the street.

This NPC is known as the Old Woman with Back Pain, and if you talk to her, she’ll tell you that she’s a dance teacher, but she has some problems with her back. Luckily she heard about a doctor who arrived from the Drum Kingdom.

If you manage to find him, he’ll be able to prepare a lotion for the Old Woman’s back. So to get the medicine first, you need to find the Doctor.

Where To Find The Doctor From The Drum Kingdom In Alubarna

As you probably know by now, in the latest video game developed by ILCA, the objectives of the Side Quests do not appear on your map.

So, unless you want to scout every street in Alubarna, consider following our directions to find the Drum Kingdom Doctor.

From your current location, near the Old Woman with Back Pain, head south down the alley, then east towards the Save Point in the center of the city. You can see the exact location marked below.

One Piece Odyssey Talented Doctor Guide

When you get close to the gate, look for a guard with blue exclamation marks above his head.

Talk to him, and he’ll tell you that the One Piece Odyssey Drum Kingdom Doctor is in the tavern near the castle gate. His name is Nafk.

Now, head south, and behind the two large gates, you’ll see the tavern. On your map, its location is marked by an icon depicting a barrel. You can also see the tavern on the map above, southwest of the guard’s location.

One Piece Odyssey Talented Doctor Location

Head inside the Mountain Dog Tavern, and on the left side, sitting at the table, you’ll find Nafk or the Drum Kingdom Talented Doctor. He is wearing a bandana and a red jacket.

After talking to Nafk, he’ll tell you that he needs two Gator Bananas for his medicine.

If you have already explored all areas thoroughly, you most likely have the required items. In this case, all you have to do is give them to the Doctor, and he’ll make the medicine for you.

But for the sake of the guide, we’ll assume you don’t have two Gator Bananas, and you need to find them.

Where To Find Gator Bananas In One Piece Odyssey

One Piece Odyssey Gator Bananas are common ingredients found in Alabasta. You can collect them from sparkling loot points, or you can obtain them from Banana Gators.

As you can guess, not all loot points contain Gator Bananas, but all Gators drop them. This means that finding a Gator is your best bet to get Gator Bananas quickly.

Therefore, using the Fast Travel option we explained here, open your map and head to Desert Near Alubarna.

Then cross the area, moving north towards the spot marked below.

One Piece Odyssey Talented Doctor Gator Bananas Locations

Look for a large Gator buried in the sand at the location we have marked for you. This enemy spawns constantly, which means you can fight them multiple times to get as many Gator Banans as you want.

All you need to do is rest after each fight at one of the camps nearby, and the Gator respawns alongside all other enemies in this area.

So defeat the Banna Gator twice if needed, then go back to Alubarna and the Mountain Dog Tavern, where Nafk awaits. Give him the Gator Bananas, then head back to the northern alley where you found the Old Woman with Back Pain the first time.

Once you hand over the medicine, the One Piece Odyssey Talented Doctor Side Story Occurance is complete, and you’ll receive 18.000 Berries, 1 Sandora Dragon Steak Tip, and a Herb-Grilled Bo Bo Bird.

And that’s it, Pirate! You have found the Talented Doctor, so now pick another objective from our One Piece Odyssey Wiki Hub here.

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