Star Wars Jedi Survivor Corroded Silo Collectibles Locations

by Vlad
May 2, 2023

Corroded Silo is an underground area part of Rambler’s Reach region of Koboh Planet, and even though it is not related to the Star Wars Jedi Survivor story, you may want to visit it since it includes six collectibles: three Chests and three Databank entries.

The Star Wars Jedi Survivor Corroded Silo collectibles count towards reaching 100% completion on Koboh Planet; however, even if you are not a completionist, you’ll still want to explore the Corroded Silo because it leads to a Meditation Chamber.

Without entering the Corroded Silo, you won’t be able to explore the Chamber of Fortitude, thus missing the Persistence Perk, which is quite helpful in combat.

So, if you wonder where to find all six collectibles in SW Jedi Survivor Corroded Silo, throughout the following guide, we’ll reveal their locations.

How To Enter The Corroded Silo In Southern Reach

Before discussing all collectibles’ locations, it’s worth knowing where to find the Corroded Silo and how to access it.

As you can see on the Koboh mab below, the entrance to the Corroded Silo is on the roof of a round building we have marked.

This entrance, or door, can’t be opened early in the game because it requires the Force Lift/Slam ability, which is unlocked by progressing Cal’s story.

The Air Dash is also required to navigate the area, so after you unlock the said abilities, return to the Southern Reach and the roof marked below, lift the hatch, and drop inside the Corroded Silo.

Star Wars Jedi Survivor Corroded Silo Location Guide

Koboh Corroded Silo Collectibles Locations Map

Once inside the SW Jedi Survivor Corroded Silo, it’s time to deal with the Bedlam Raiders while also looking for the six collectibles available in this underground region.

The exact spots where you’ll find them have been marked on our Corroded Silo map below.

Star Wars Jedi Survivor Corroded Silo Collectibles Map

If needed, rotate your in-game map and make sure its position coincides with the one above. Now, here is where to find all collectibles inside Corroded Silo, following the same order as the one on our map.

Collectible #1 (Curiosity Sours Databank): Behind a Bedlam Raider

After dropping inside the Silo, follow the path ahead and Force Lift the first gate. Air dash through the green forcefield and wall run using the wall on the right side.

Take out the Raider on the platform above, then around the left corner; you’ll find another Raider. Deal with him first, then allow BD-1 to scan the blue crates in the corner.

Star Wars Jedi Survivor Corroded Silo Databank Locations Guide

Collectibles #2 & 3 (New Acquisitions Databank & Goatee And Moustache Chest): Near A Patrolling Droid

After picking the first Corroded Silo Databank, use the wall nearby to progress, then slide on the beams on the lower level. While hanging, head left, and you should see a Droid patrolling the area below.

Deal with the Droid First; then, you should be able to find the next two collectibles in the screenshot below:

  • The tablet on the ground, which BD-1 can scan
  • The first Chest in the Corrupted Silo, on the left side, while hanging. This Chest unlocks Cal’s goatee and moustache appearance
Star Wars Jedi Survivor Corroded Silo Chests Locations Guide

Collectible #4 (Arakyd Heavy Body Chest): On A Balcony

After you get both collectibles, retrace your steps to the Chest you just found and Force Slam the panel on the left side while standing on the platform’s edge.

Use the panel to wall run towards the other side, but make sure you switch sides and grab the grate on the wall ahead. The grate will slide to the area below. Now, use the zipline to get to the grate on the other side of the cave.

While on the grate, head left and move up, dealing with the unaware Bedlam Raider. Pull yourself up after you kill him and turn around to spot another wall that can help you reach the upper balcony.

Dash and run along the wall on the right side, then climb on the grate to get to the upper balcony. Here you’ll find the second Corroded Silo Chest collectible pictured below. Lift and slam it using Cal’s Force to collect your rewards.

Star Wars Jedi Survivor Corroded Silo Collectibles Locations Guide

Collectible #5 (Bumpy Rubber Materials Chest): At The End Of A Corridor

The next Corroded Silo collectible in Jedi Survivor is trickier and easy to miss. It is the third and final Chest you must find here. After you collect the previous one, assuming you want to save time, head back to the platform below (where you killed the unaware Raider). While standing in his spot, look down, and you’ll see the third Corroded Silo chest through the grate.

Since this one requires you to use the Force Lift and Slam, you can get it without having to reach its actual location.

If you don’t want to save time, follow the corridor ahead, and on the left side, you’ll see an opening allowing you to drop to the bridge below.

To get to the Chest, dispatch the Droid and Force Push the metal door. Regardless of how you collect this one, make sure you retrace your steps back to the upper bridge and descend to the bottom of the cave using the elevator.

SW Jedi Survivor Corroded Silo Collectibles Locations Guide

Collectible #6 (Whispered Words Databank): On The Left Side Of The Meditation Room

After dealing with the BX Droids and the Bedlam Raider on the cave’s ground floor, look in the distance, and over a large gap, you’ll see the sixth Corroded Silo collectible, which is the third Databank.

To get to it, first, you’ll need to Force Lift the excavator bucket on the right side, then use the grapple point and wall run on it. Jump and dash toward the pillar in the middle of the gap, then jump and dash to the other side of the cave.

Before entering the Meditation Room nearby, approach and sense the echo marked below.

Star Wars Jedi Survivor Koboh Corroded Silo Collectibles Locations Guide

Great job, collectible hunter! Now that you have found what you were looking for, head inside the Meditation Chamber, but be advised that you’ll encounter a boss. Once you defeat the boss, you can retrieve all Chamber of Fortitude collectibles and unlock a new Perk for Cal.

Last but not least, if you have questions, feel free to ask them in the comments section below, and don’t forget to visit our Star Wars Jedi Survivor Wiki for all other collectibles in the video game.

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