Star Wars Jedi Survivor Rooftops Chests Locations

by Vlad
April 28, 2023

Star Wars Jedi Survivor Coruscant Rooftops is the first area you’ll get to explore as part of Cal’s new adventure, and it includes two Chests that count as Collectibles.

The Coruscant Rooftops Chests will help you reach 100% completion of the first area and count towards the full exploration of Coruscant, where Cal’s journey begins.

Since this is the first area you’ll get to experience in the latest video game developed by Respawn Entertainment, it is worth knowing that, at first, you won’t be able to see the locations of the Chests you must find. That’s because you’ll need to unlock a specific map upgrade later in the game.

This, however, doesn’t mean that you can’t collect both Chests on Coruscant Rooftops, and it is recommended to find them to save time and avoid revisiting this area after the story.

Since the Rooftops Chests on Coruscant don’t require any special skills, throughout the following locations guide, we’ll tell you where they are and how to get to them in chronological order.

Coruscant Rooftops Chests Locations Map

As you can see on our Chests locations map for the Coruscant Rooftops, both collectibles are in areas you can reach the moment Cal escapes Senator Sejan.

Star Wars Jedi Survivor Coruscant Rooftops Chests Locations Map

Make sure that you rotate your in-game map accordingly for a better view, and if you missed any Chest, retrace your steps to the locations we have marked for you.

Now, let’s see how to get both Chests and what rewards you’ll find inside, following the same order as the one on the map above.

Chest #1 (Patience Emitter): By A Blocked Gate

After escaping Senator Sejan, Cal must find a way to his ship. Once you learn how to climb, you’ll reach a catwalk you must use to progress through the mission. There are several Stormtroopers trying to shoot you, so keep moving along the catwalk.

Eventually, Cal falls to the area below, which marks the beginning of the Coruscant Rooftops section.

On the right side, you’ll see a door you can push using Cal’s Force (by pressing - GameClubz/- GameClubz). Before pushing the said door, on the left side is the first Coruscant Rooftops Chest in SW Jedi Survivor. Open it to obtain the Patience Emitter.

Star Wars Jedi Survivor Coruscant Rooftops Chests Collectibles Locations

It is worth knowing that next to the first Chest is a blocked door you won’t be able to unlock during your first visit. The entrance leads to the Coruscant Rooftops Force Tear, which is the only collectible you won’t be able to get during your first visit to this area.

Chest #2 (Patience Switch): Near The Meditation Point

The second Chest is relatively easy to miss because it’s in a side room you won’t get to explore as part of your main objective.

The said side room is close to the Meditation Point. After you unlock the Rooftops Meditation Point, look around, and you’ll see a door with a red control panel. Next to it is one of the two Databank Collectibles you must collect while on the Rooftops.

BD can open the door for you, so make sure you ask him that; then, behind the door, you’ll see a large pipe.

Push the pipe’s door using the Force (- GameClubz/- GameClubz); then, on the last platform in the distance, you’ll see the second Coruscant Rootrops Chest (pictured below).

SW Jedi Survivor Coruscant Rooftops Chests Locations

To get to the Chest, you must double jump by pressing - GameClubz/- GameClubz twice. Make sure that you sprint, and the second time you press the jump button, Cal is at the apex (highest point) of his jump.

Inside the second Collectible Chest, you’ll find the Patience Switch.

Now that you have found the second Chest retrace your steps to the main path, and don’t forget to check our Star Wars Jedi Survivor Wiki Hub for more collectibles locations.

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