Star Wars Jedi Survivor Fogged Expanse Essences Locations

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May 18, 2023

Star Wars Jedi Survivor Fogged Expanse Essences are collectibles pretty hard to obtain, mainly because they are hard to see in the foggy area on planet Koboh.

Also, one of the Essences is guarded by a legendary enemy, so prepare for an intense fight if you want the collectible.

However, your troubles will be well rewarded because you’ll receive an extra Skill Point and the Fortitude Perk from the Essences collectibles.

Therefore, it’s definitely worth it to check the following guide and make sure you don’t miss any of the two SW Jedi Survivor Fogged Expanse Essences collectibles.

Koboh Fogged Expanse Essences Locations Map

First, you should look over the Fogged Expanse map below, where we’ve marked the two Essences, or even better, unlock the Essences Map Upgrade to reveal all the collectibles of this type on your holomap.

Star Wars Jedi Survivor Fogged Expanse Essences Locations Map

In addition, we’ll go over each Essence, starting with the one closest to the Fogged Expanse Meditation Point.

Essence #1 (Skill Point): In Front Of A Closed Door

As you can see on the map above, the first Essence in Fogged Expanse is not far from the Meditation Point.

Thus, head to the Star Wars Jedi Survivor saving point, go up the slope next to it, climb on the vines, then position yourself on the metal platform to the right.

Now you must use the BD-1 Electro Dart ability on the blue fuse in the building on the left side to make the wall to the right come to you.

Note that the wall will return to its initial position, and you must jump on it at the right time to reach the other side.

Once you’ve made it to the other side, go behind the wall you used to get here, and this time, run on it to reach the cliff with the ramp.

Then face the ramp, and you should be able to see the first Fogged Expanse Essence in front of a closed door on the right side, as shown in the next image.

To get to the Essence, you must double-jump and dash over the chasm.

First Essence Located In Front Of A Closed Door

Essence #2 (Fortitude Perk): In Some Bushes In An Open Area

Upon obtaining Essence #1, head back to the SW Jedi Survivor Fogged Expanse Meditation Point and make your way forward on the path under the wall you’ve performed your awesome stunts earlier.

Proceed without going into the cave to the left, and you’ll shortly get to a fork in the road where you can choose any path because they lead to the same place.

Then go to the right as soon as the path allows it, and you’ll soon get to more walls you can run on.

Thus, double-jump and dash toward the first wall, grapple to it by pressing - GameClubz/- GameClubz on your PlayStation/Xbox controller, then jump on the next to finally reach some vines you can grab to climb up.

Once up, go down the slope to the right, then approach the edge on the right side, look down, and jump on the rocks with the grill on them.

Now jump to the slope under you to start sliding on it, then jump when you reach the end to get to an open area where you must fight a legendary enemy.

After you defeat the powerful enemy, look for the Essence in the bushes by the edge.

Second Essence Is Found In Some Bushes In An Open Area

These were the two Star Wars Jedi Survivor Fogged Expanse Essences, but there are more collectibles in the area, like the three Databanks. Also, don’t forget to check our Wiki Hub Page here if you need further assistance with other collectibles and puzzles.

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