Star Wars Jedi Survivor Fogged Expanse Databank Locations

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May 18, 2023

Star Wars Jedi Survivor Fogged Expanse is a medium-sized area that can be tricky to explore because of the fog, and it features twenty-four collectibles, including three Databanks.

The Fogged Expanse Databanks are not mandatory for the main story, but they are a must for the completionists because all the collectibles are needed to achieve 100% completion in the foggy area.

But because of the maze-type area and the fog, you can have a hard time finding the Databanks, meaning you must pay close attention to your surroundings.

Although there is no need to worry, as we’ll provide step-by-step instructions in the following locations guide to help you reach the SW Jedi Survivor Fogged Expanse Databanks.

Koboh Fogged Expanse Databank Locations Map

Provided you don’t have the Databank Map Upgrade, it would be best to check the map below where we’ve marked the location of the Databanks in the Fogged Expanse area.

Star Wars Jedi Survivor Fogged Expanse Databank Locations Map

Furthermore, we’ll talk about each collectible in the same order as the one on the previous map.

Databank #1 (Forging Forward Alone): On A Cliff

For the first Databank, you should head to the Fogged Expanse Meditation Point and go up the slope next to it.

Then climb on the vines, go to the metal platform on the right side, and shoot a BD-1 Electro Dart at the blue fuse in the building to the left.

So press - GameClubzDown on your PlayStation/Xbox controller, select the Electro Dart (the icon to the right in the bottom left corner of your screen) by pressing - GameClubzRight, aim at the fuse, then press - GameClubz/- GameClubz to shoot.

After you shoot the dart in the fuse, you’ll notice the wall to the right coming to you.

Wall run to reach the other side of the gap, but note that you must time your jumps because the wall will shortly return to its initial position.

Once you reach the other side, go behind the wall, run on it, and jump to get to the cliff with the ramp on the left side.

Now jump to another cliff on the left side where the first Databank is waiting for you.

First Databank Is Found On A Cliff

Databank #2 (Monitoring Equipment): Next To A Slope

Upon obtaining Databank #1, head back to the saving point, and proceed on the path under the wall you previously used to perform some cool tricks.

You should soon reach a fork in the road where it would be best to choose the right path.

Then move forward, sticking to the right wall, and you’ll soon spot the second SW Jedi Survivor Fogged Expanse Databank next to a slope going down on the right side.

Look for the yellow lights in the dense fog, and you’ll find the collectible with no problems.

Second Databank Is Located Next To A Slope

Databank #3 (A Deadly Encounter): On The Other Side Of A Large Metal Gate

Now head down the slope next to Databank #2 to get to another wall you can run on.

Hence, double-jump and dash toward the wall, grapple to it with - GameClubz/- GameClubz, jump to the next wall, and finally grab the vines in front to climb up.

Once up, open the large metal gate to the left with the Force, defeat the beast, and go inside to find the last Databank in front of the wall.

Third Databank Is Found On The Other Side Of A Large Metal Gate

Fine job, friend! All three Star Wars Jedi Survivor Fogged Expanse Databanks are yours, and you should now focus on the seven Treasures available in the same area. Also, you can always check our Wiki Hub Page here for more useful guides.

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