Star Wars Jedi Survivor Databank Locations Display Map Upgrade

by Vlad
May 4, 2023

Star Wars Jedi Survivor Databanks Locations Display Map Upgrade is a terminal you can Slice with BD-1 in order to make all Force Echoes and Scannable Items appear on Cal’s holomap in the latest video game developed by Respawn Entertainment.

The Star Wars Jedi Survivor Databank Map Upgrade is extremely useful, especially to completionists who wish to find all collectibles in the game and learn more about its lore.

Unfortunately, this Star Wars Jedi Survivor Map Upgrade, or the terminal you must find, can’t be accessed early in the game.

In fact, if you wonder how to make all Databanks collectibles locations appear on your map in Star Wars Jedi Survivor, you should first know that you’ll have to get close to the end of the story to find it.

Furthermore, you must know where to look for the said terminal because it’s pretty easy to miss.

To help you with this task, throughout the following guide, we’ll tell you where to find the Databank Holomap Upgrade in Star Wars Jedi Survivor and how to make all Databank Entries collectibles appear on your in-game map.

How To Show All Databank Collectibles Locations On Your Map In Star Wars Jedi Survivor

The first requirement to make all Databank Entries appear on your in-game Holomap is to progress through the story and reach the planet named Nova Garon.

Without spoiling the events that occur, you should know that Nova Garon is unlocked via story progression, meaning that there is no alternative path to get there.

Once you get to Nova Garon, you’ll have to keep pushing forward through the base until you get to the area known as Central Command. This area is story related, and here you’ll find an essential NPC named Denvik.

After the dialogue between Denvik and Cal Kestis, explore the Central Command—specifically, the location marked on the map below.

Star Wars Jedi Survivor Databanks Locations Display Map Upgrade

As you can notice on the map above, the terminal you’ll have to find is on Level B or the second floor of the Nova Garon Central Command area.

If you take your time exploring the room where you meet Denvik behind a wall with multiple consoles, you’ll see an unusual Terminal, BD-1 can Slice.

You can also see it in the following screenshot, and all you must do is to get close to it and press Down on your - GameClubz so BD-1 can hack it.

Star Wars Jedi Survivor Databank Map Upgrade Location Guide

Once you Slice this specific Nova Garon Central Command Terminal, you’ll see a prompt announcing that you have unlocked the Map Upgrade: Databank, and all unfound Databnk entities are now shown on the Holomap.

Now, if you open your Holomap, you’ll see the locations of all Databank Entries or collectibles you didn’t manage to find.

If by any chance you have missed the terminal during your first visit to Nova Garon, you can return to this area whenever you want by following these steps:

  • Get to the Mantis and travel to Noba Garon using the Holotable
  • Upon landing, use the Hangar Bay Meditation Point and fast travel to the Officer’s Quarters
  • Follow the linear path ahead, and when you enter the Central Command area, turn left
  • Take the elevator to Central Command’s upper floor and look for the Map Upgrade Terminal behind the wall pictured above

And that’s it! Now that you know how to make all Databank appear on your Star Wars Jedi Survivor map, how about going after the Seed Pods Map Upgrade? Last but not least, make sure you check our Jedi Survivor Wiki here if you want to get 100% completion on all Planets you visit as Cal Kestis.

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