Star Wars Jedi Survivor Seed Pods Locations Display Map Upgrade

by Vlad
May 4, 2023

Similar to the Databanks Terminal, the Star Wars Jedi Survivor Seed Pods Locations Display Map Upgrade terminal that allows you to show the locations of all Seeds must be hacked using BD-1’s Slice.

However, besides the fact that you need to know where to look for it, the Star Wars Jedi Survivor Seed Pods Map Upgrade terminal also requires a bit of patience and legwork.

The good news, though, is that this terminal can be accessed earlier, which means that you don’t have to finish Cal’s story in the video game developed by Respawn Entertainment.

Since the Seed Pods in Star Wars Jedi Survivor count as collectibles, it goes without saying that the terminal we’ll discuss in the following guide is mandatory for those who wish to get all Seeds in the game.

So, let’s see where to find it and, more importantly, how to unlock it so you can see the locations of all Seed Pods on your Star Wars Jedi Survivor Holomap.

How To Show All Seed Pods Collectibles Locations On Your Map In Star Wars Jedi Survivor

The first requirement to unlock the Seeds Locations Map Upgrade terminal is to focus on the story and reach Planet Jedha. As you progress, you’ll eventually get to meet Pili Walde, an NPC found in the Blustery Mesa area.

Pili Walde can’t be missed because Blustery Mesa is part of the story, which means that when you find her, all you need to do is talk to the tall NPC, and she’ll relocate on the roof of Pyloon’s Saloon on Planet Koboh.

On the roof, Pili sets her garden where you can plant the Seed Pods found during your adventure.

You can see the location of the said garden on the following map.

Star Wars Jedi Survivor Seed Pods Locations Display Map Upgrade

After Pili’s garden is set, head back to Koboh and Pyloon’s Saloon and check the roof to find the cute NPC. You’ll be introduced to the gardening activity and learn how to plant the Seed Pods you have already collected.

While on the roof, if you turn left the moment you enter the garden via the stairs inside the Saloon, you’ll see a Terminal covered in roots.

As you can guess, the Star Wars Jedi Survivor Seeds Display Map Upgrade is obtained by hacking (Slicing) the terminal in Pili’s garden. You can see it below.

Star Wars Jedi Survivor Seed Pods Map Upgrade Location Guide

The only problem here is the roots surrounding the terminal because Cal’s lightsaber can’t cut them. So, how do you unlock this terminal?

As mentioned above, this Map Upgrade requires a bit of legwork and patience because to Slice the terminal; you must remove the roots by growing your garden.

Simply put, you must start collecting Seed Pods and plant them on the plot in front of Pili (also pictured above). If you don’t know where to find Seed Pods, make sure you visit our Star Wars Jedi Survivor Wiki Hub and check the Seed Pods collectibles guides for the areas on Koboh.

After you get around 40 Seed Pods, head back to the garden and fill the first plot in front of Pili. It’s worth knowing that you can use the same seeds, meaning that you don’t have to plant different types of plants. Just use the Seeds you currently have in your inventory.

Once you fill the plot, you must wait until each plant is fully grown. This can take some time; however, after all plants are fully grown, you’ll unlock another plot. You should see it on the right side of the garden.

Time for more gardening, so start filling the second plot but constantly check the Terminal to see if it’s unlocked. Eventually, the Terminal unlocks as you work on the second plot, and you’ll be free to Slice it with BD-1.

And that’s it! Now the Star Wars Jedi Survivor Seeds Locations Map Upgrade is unlocked, and you should be able to see the locations of all Koboh Seed Pods on your Holomap, so how about getting the Treasures Map Upgrade next?

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