Star Wars Jedi Survivor Forest Array Puzzle Guide

May 3, 2023

In your quest to find the Forest Array at the request of Zee, a droid you saved in the Meditation Chamber, you must solve a pretty tricky Puzzle.

The Star Wars Jedi Survivor Forest Array Puzzle can be solved in an area near Basalt Rift on planet Koboh.

The Forest Array area has its own Meditation Point where you can save the game, replenish your health, and also fast travel.

Solving the Forest Array Puzzle is mandatory for the main story, so there’s no way around it; you have to deal with it sooner or later.

As such, throughout the guide below, we’ll talk about how to solve the Puzzle and reach the Forest Array in SW Jedi Survivor.

How To Solve The Forest Array Puzzle On Koboh

As soon as you reach the Forest Array area, you’ll find a Meditation Point.

Now facing the Forest Array, the tall building in the distance, look to your left to spot a metal bar on which you must use Force Push by pressing - GameClubz/- GameClubz on PlayStation/Xbox.

Star Wars Jedi Survivor Forest Array Puzzle Solution Guide

Then use the metal bar as a bridge to reach a set of platforms you must jump on to advance.

The last platform is at a bigger distance, and you can’t get to it without using Force Pull (- GameClubz/- GameClubz) on another metal bar.

Also, be careful, because if you fall down and stay too much in that weird dust, you’ll die.

From the last platform, you have to jump to the rusty grate in front, then climb on it, and make your way to the right with the help of a long metal bar.

When you soon reach another grate, climb it to get to the roof, where you can see a giant bird.

Also, you have a zipline shortcut you can activate to make it easier to return here.

Now continue until you come to a locked door with some weird brambles next to it.

Jump to the grate on the right side, climb it, and make your way right to get under the giant bird from before, which will knock you down, unfortunately.

Quickly jump on the grate nearby, then climb to the top, or you’ll die, which is not that good because you can’t complete the Forest Array Puzzle if you are dead.

Once up, it seems you have to find another path; thus, advance, wall run, and open the door to the left to unlock a shortcut.

Next, turn around from the shortcut and proceed until you reach a bridge where a beast that looks like a big gorilla with horns attacks you.

Take care of the beast and continue to get to a grate you can climb on to reach the top of the structure.

Now drop down to find yourself in a circular room where you can see two devices, a sort of ball and a socket.

Star Wars Jedi Survivor Forest Array Puzzle Solution

Hold the Force Pull button to grab the orb, aim at the socket, and use Force Push to perfectly place the ball.

In consequence, a ray will appear that will burn the obstacle blocking the way back to the Star Wars Jedi Survivor Forest Array Meditation Point.

It would be best to save the game before you continue with your task of solving the Forest Array Puzzle.

As you can see, the ray you’ve activated before also opened another room near the saving point.

Enter the said room, then make your way to the roof using the platforms and the bar.

Once on the roof, activate the rope shortcut, then proceed to reach a bridge you can’t cross because of a big gap; instead, go up the slope to the right facing the bridge.

When the slope ends, immediately head left and descend to eventually drop down into a hole.

Now look for a tight spot you must squeeze through, then head left, and you’ll find the SW Jedi Survivor Bilemaw Den Meditation Point.

Continue on the path until you have to fight a bunch of enemies, then approach the edge near some wooden boards and use the tree to advance.

Once there is no more tree to get you further, jump to grab the veins directly above you and then head to the right.

Attach yourself to the mountain wall, then continue climbing to reach the top, where after advancing for a short distance, you’ll reach a Relter (big bird).

A short cutscene will start, and after it, you’ll be able to mount a Relter for the first time.

It’s worth mentioning that from now on, you can mount all the Relters you can find.

You can continue with the help of the Relter, and you’ll get to a big grate you must climb to get back to the Forest Array area, where you still have a puzzle to complete, remember?

Just make sure you stay away from the mountain walls while flying attached to the Relter.

Once you’ve climbed the grate, unlock the shortcut door to the left, then return to the main path and go forward to get to the other side of the bridge from before.

Take care of the stormtrooper and continue to get to a circular room with more enemies you have to eliminate.

You now need to get to the upper level by wall-running, then use the Relter to fly to a platform with another of those ray-shooting orbs.

Get rid of the bugging stormtrooper, then look for a handle device on which you can use Force Push and Force Pull to rotate the platform you are standing on.

How To Solve Star Wars Jedi Survivor Forest Array Puzzle

The trick is to rotate the platform until the ray clears the gate in front of the huge bird.

The bird also gets free in the process, so now the path is clear.

To continue, follow the ray through the gate and the killing dust to reach a grate; climb it to finally get to the other side, where you can find one of the six Forest Array Chests.

Proceed to find yet another Relter, which you can use to get to a nearby ramp. Bear with us a little more; you’ve almost solved the Star Wars Jedi Survivor Forest Array Puzzle.

Now go up the ramp, clear the mobs, and unlock the shortcut door on the right side.

Then go through the newly unlocked shortcut, make your way to the edge of the cliff, and hold the Force Pull button to grab the ball device.

Star Wars Jedi Survivor Forest Array Puzzle Guide

Next, return to the area with the mobs you’ve just cleared and use Force Push to get the orb on the circular platform on the other side of the small gap.

You also have to get yourself on the other side of the gap, then grab the ball again, head up the stairs, and place the orb in the socket using Force Push.

Now cross the newly formed bridge and turn around to use Force Pull yet again to grab the ball.

Then, face the Force Array, look for another socket on the other side, and use Force Push to place the orb in it from a distance. Here is where those basketball skills come in handy.

Cross this bridge as well, go up using the elevator, and you’re done; you’ve finally solved the Star Wars Jedi Survivor Forest Array Puzzle. But you can always check our Wiki Hub Page here for more puzzles and collectibles.

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