Star Wars Jedi Survivor Forest Array Chests Locations

by Vlad
May 10, 2023

The six Star Wars Jedi Survivor Forest Array Chests also count as collectibles you’ll need to secure while helping Cal Kestis reach the Rehabilitation Wing on Planet Koboh.

Similar to the Treasures and Essences found in this area, the Forest Array Chests collectibles in Star Wars Jedi Survivor are best approached later in the game or even after you finish the story.

As you are about to see in the following locations guide for the six Forest Array Loot Chests, some of these collectibles can be found when you first enter the facility; however, if you want to save time, it’s best to look for them after the story.

By the time you return to Koboh, Cal Kestis will learn all the abilities and skills required to get all Chests in this area. Last but not least, the Forest Array Puzzle will be completed, and all shortcuts and blocked doors will be unlocked.

Assuming you get stuck while looking for the Chests in Forest Array, we’ll tell you how to get them in the following guide.

Koboh Forest Array Chests Locations Map

To help you find the Forest Array Chests faster in the latest video game developed by Respawn Entertainment, let’s start with a custom map showing their locations.

As you can see, they are scattered all around the region, and some areas won’t be available at first, which is why you’ll want to focus on the Forest Array Puzzle first.

Star Wars Jedi Survivor Forest Array Chests Maps Locations

If you approach this region after the story, it’s also worth knowing that you can make all Chests collectibles appear on your Holomap by unlocking the Chests Map Upgrade.

Now, following the same order as the one on the map, let’s see where to find the Chests in the game.

Chest #1 (Swooper BD-1 Head): On A Balcony

The first Chest on the map above is found on a balcony in a hidden area. To get it, start from the Meditation Point, and while facing the Orb Coupler in the central area of Forest Array, head right and move along the purple beam. In the round room, use the device in the middle, the poles, and the platforms to get to the roof.

Now, drop to the area behind the crane and then to the forest area outside the facility. Follow the path up the hill, but keep an eye on the right-side mountain wall for a hole. Squeeze inside, and you’ll exit to a secluded area behind the round room you visited earlier.

On the balcony, you should see the first Forest Array Chest.

Star Wars Jedi Survivor Forest Array Chests Locations Guide

Chest #2 (Diligence Grip): Near The Orb Coupler

The next Forest Array collectible Chest on our map is relatively easy to find and retrieve if you already completed the Forest Array Puzzle.

It is located near the Orb Coupler, and to get it, you’ll have to rotate the beam and clear the path of Koboh Dust particles.

If you have already unlocked the door to the Rehabilitation Wing, retrieve the sphere by the door and bring it back to the Orb Coupler.

Star Wars Forest Array Chests Locations Guide

Chest #3 (Hunter Pants): By A Relter Nest

After you get the previous Chest, head towards the Rehabilitation Wing and take a left turn after passing the first gate.

Continue on the long bridge, and in the distance, you’ll see the Chest, close to a Relter nest (pictured below).

The fastest way to get this collectible is to use the Dash ability, unlocked via story progression, and grab the grate on the other side of the gap, to avoid the Koboh Dust particles.

Once you pull yourself up, you can Dash again around the pipes and get to the balcony where the Chest awaits.

Star Wars Jedi Survivor Forest Array Chests Collectibles Locations Guide

Chest #4 (Light Mustache): On A Balcony

From the previous Forest Array Chest, go around the pipes on the left side in the screenshot above, and from the balcony above the grate run along the wall.

Now enter the round building, and you’ll see another Chest waiting on a balcony (pictured below).

To get to this Star Wars Jedi Survivor Chest, use the wall-tun ability on the wall on the left side, swing on the pole, and jump on the balcony.

Star Wars Forest Array Chests Collectibles Locations Guide

Chest #5 (Diligence Switch): On A Roof

After the previous Chest, continue along the bridge towards the next round building. Climb the grated wall, then on the ceiling.

From here, you can jump on the ramp leading to the roof. Look around to spot the fifth Loot Chest.

Star Wars Jedi Survivor All Forest Array Chests Locations Guide

Chest #6 (Hunter Vest Material): Near The Meditation Point

Finally, return to the Meditation Point and look behind the building where you found the previous Chest.

You should see the last Forest Array collectible on a balcony you can reach by stepping on the catwalk, then dashing toward the grappling point to avoid the Koboh Dust particles below.

From the grappling point, climb the grated wall, head right, and jump to the next grate. Now descend on the balcony with the Chest.

All Star Wars Jedi Survivor Forest Array Chests Locations Guide

After finding all Star Wars Jedi Survivor Forest Array Chests, feel free to get the remaining collectibles, and if you need help, let us know in the comments below or visit our Wiki Hub for more guides.

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