Star Wars Jedi Survivor Smuggler’s Tunnels Essences Locations

May 10, 2023

Star Wars Jedi Survivor Smuggler’s Tunnels Essences are collectibles you can find while exploring the underground area in your search for a Gyro Module to repair your ship, the Mantis.

The two Essences collectibles are mandatory if you’re aiming for 100% completion in the area and will also get you an extra Skill Point and a New Perk Slot.

However, finding the collectibles can be tricky, especially the one that is not on the main path, and thus can be easily missed.

No worries, though, because throughout the following guide, we’ll provide step-by-step instructions to help you reach the SW Jedi Survivor Essences collectibles in the Smuggler’s Tunnels area on planet Koboh.

Koboh Smuggler’s Tunnels Essences Locations Map

First, provided you haven’t yet unlocked the Essences Locations Display Map Upgrade, you should check the map below, where we’ve marked the locations of the two Smuggler’s Tunnels Essences.

Star Wars Jedi Survivor Smugglers Tunnels Essences Locations Map

Now let’s see precisely how to get both collectibles and get even stronger.

Essence #1 (Perk Slot): Behind A Green Barrier

You should start from the Star Wars Jedi Survivor Rambler’s Reach Outpost Meditation Point and go to the settlement’s Stables.

Just open your map, and you’ll be able to see an icon that says Stables near the Mantis.

So head to the Stables, mount a Nekko, then go behind the nearby building with the tower and double jump to reach the lower section of its roof.

The roof is quite high, but you should easily reach it with the help of the Nekko.

Now drop down into the building, where you can also find one of the five Smuggler’s Tunnels Databanks and one of the four Treasures available in the same area, then unlock the shortcut door if you want to get here easier in the future.

Next, look for the green barrier in the same building and dash through. Of course, to do so, you’ll need to have Merrin’s Charm ability unlocked.

Then drop down through the hole, and you’ll find yourself in a dark tunnel where you should use your lightsaber as a flashlight.

Advance in the tunnel, and when you come to a crossroad, head right, then left to get to a lighted, larger area where you have another Databank and Treasure.

Now squeeze through the tight spot on the left to reach an area where you can see yet another Databank on the left side and a green barrier in front.

Things will get a little tricky now because you have to jump toward the barrier, then dash through it, jump again, and dash to the wall on the right side to run on it; then, when you reach the end, jump and dash through another green barrier.

You can also use double-jumps if you feel it can help, and when you finally get through the last barrier, you should see the first SW Jedi Survivor Smuggler’s Tunnels Essence collectible on the left.

Star Wars Jedi Survivor Smugglers Tunnels Essences Locations

Essence #2 (Skill Point): In Water

Upon obtaining Essence #1, go through the shortcut door in front, and cross to the other side of the gap by jumping on the rock next to the waterfall on the right side.

Now proceed through the tunnel to the left (not through the green barrier to the right) to get to an area with a waterfall and water on the ground, where you’ll find the second Essence to the right.

SW Jedi Survivor Smugglers Tunnels Essences Collectibles Locations

Great job, friend! Both Star Wars Jedi Survivor Smuggler’s Tunnels Essences are yours, but you can always visit our Wiki Hub Page here for more collectibles and puzzles.

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