Star Wars Jedi Survivor Smuggler’s Tunnels Databank Locations

May 11, 2023

Star Wars Jedi Survivor Smuggler’s Tunnels is an underground area you get to explore while searching for a Gyro Module needed to repair the Mantis (your ship) for the main story, and it features thirteen collectibles, including five Databank.

Smuggler’s Tunnels Databank are not necessary for the main story; however, you’ll need all of them if you’re aiming for 100% completion in the underground area.

The collectibles can be easily missed if you don’t explore every inch of Smuggler’s Tunnels with extra attention.

Therefore, we’ll explain where to find all five SW Jedi Survivor Smuggler’s Tunnels Databank throughout the guide below so you don’t have to waste a second.

Koboh Smuggler’s Tunnels Databank Locations Map

First, if you haven’t already unlocked the Databanks Locations Display Map Upgrade, it would be best to check our map of Smuggler’s Tunnels because we’ve marked the locations of the five Databanks on it.

Star Wars Jedi Survivor Smugglers Tunnels Databank Locations Map

In addition, we’ll talk about each collectible following the same order as the one on the previous map.

Databank #1 (List Of Grievances): On A Table Next To A Green Barrier

For the first Star Wars Jedi Survivor Databank in Smuggler’s Tunnels, you’ll have to actually start from Rambler’s Reach Outpost Meditation Point and then head to the settlement’s stables.

You have a marker on your holomap that indicates the location of the stables, and once you get to them, you must mount a Nekko.

Then make your way to the nearby building, the one with the tower, and with help from the Nekko, jump on the lower section of the roof (in the back of the building).

Drop into the building, then look for the first Databank collectible on one of the tables near the green barrier inside.

One of the four Smuggler’s Tunnels Treasures is nearby as well.

Star Wars Jedi Survivor Smugglers Tunnels Databank Locations

Databank #2 (Jailbreak Inventory): On A Covered Crate

Now go through the previously mentioned green barrier by dashing and then drop through the hole in the ground to reach the tunnels.

Note that you’ll need Merrin’s Charm ability to go through green barriers, which is unlocked by progressing with the main story.

Once in the tunnels, hold - GameClubz/- GameClubz to use your lightsaber as a flashlight because it’s pretty dark in there, and proceed until you reach a crossroad where you must head right, then left to get to a larger area.

You’ll find the second Star Wars Jedi Survivor Smuggler’s Tunnels Databank on a covered crate in front.

Also, look for another Treasure in the same area.

Star Wars Jedi Survivor Smugglers Tunnels Databank Collectibles Locations

Databanks #3&4 (Death In The Dark & One Last Victory): Near A Green Barrier

The next two Databanks are close to the previous collectible; just squeeze through the tight spot on the left side to reach an area with a green barrier.

One of the Databanks is by a pillar, and the other is in the small opening left of the barrier.

SW Jedi Survivor Smugglers Tunnels Databank Locations

Databank #5 (No Way Out): Under Three Reflector Lights

You need to perform some stunts for the last Databank in Smuggler’s Tunnels.

Thus, upon obtaining the previous two collectibles, jump toward the green barrier and dash through it.

Then jump and dash to the wall on the right side to run on it, reaching another green barrier through which you must dash as well.

Now before going through the shortcut door in front, make sure you pick up one of the two Smuggler’s Tunnels Essences, which you should be able to see on the left side.

After going through the circular door, make your way to the other side of the gap using the rock next to the waterfall on the right side.

Then go through yet another green barrier to the right and move forward until you see three reflector lights hanging from the ceiling.

The last collectible is under the lights; just scan the rubble as shown in the next image.

SW Jedi Survivor Smugglers Tunnels Databank Collectibles Locations

Good! Now that you’ve obtained all five Star Wars Jedi Survivor Smuggler’s Tunnels Databank collectibles, you can visit our Wiki Hub Page here for more useful guides.

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