Star Wars Jedi Survivor Hangar 2046-C Treasures Locations

April 29, 2023

Star Wars Jedi Survivor Hangar 2046-C is the final area of the Coruscant Planet that you will reach with Cal during the Get To The Hangar main quest and contains two Treasure collectibles.

Hangar 2046-C Treasure collectibles are mandatory to collect if you want to achieve a 100% completion rate of the area and planet.

Unfortunately, one of the two Treasures is unavailable to collect during your first visit, so you’ll have to return to Coruscant Planet later in the game to pick it up.

As such, in the following Star Wars Jedi Survivor guide, we will explain where to find and how to collect both Hangar 2046-C Treasures in the person galaxy-spanning action-adventure game from Respawn Entertainment.

Coruscant Hangar 2046-C Treasures Locations Map

In the image below, we’ve created a custom map that pinpoints both Hangar 2046-C Treasures locations chronologically during your first visit here.

Star Wars Jedi Survivor Hangar 2046-C Treasure Collectibles Locations Map

Even though you can’t get both of them on your first visit, we will explain below when and how to grab them.

Treasure #1 (Priorite Shard): Next To A Railing

After you defeat The Ninth Sister, you’ll reach the Skylane Regulation Station area, where you can collect a Databank entry.

Then, you’ll have to Wall Run on a couple of billboards and use your Ascension Cable to reach a platform guarded by a few enemies, which is part of the Hangar 2046-C area. Here, you’ll also find the only Hangar 2046-C Databank entry.

Once you’ve cleared the area and grabbed the Databank, you’ll have to climb on a rope and the ceiling above, then use the two zip-lines to reach the actual Hangar 2046-C.

After landing, check the railing on your left to find the first Treasure collectible in the Hangar 2046-C section.

Star Wars Jedi Survivor Hangar 2046-C Treasure Collectible Location

Treasure #2 (Priorite Shard): Inside A Red Droid

As mentioned above, the second Hangar 2046-C Treasure collectible can’t be picked up on your first visit here.

You can use the fast-travel option later in the game to return to Hangar 2046 C on the Coruscant Planet and check the far end of the hangar behind your ship, Mantis, for a small red droid.

I was able to return here during the Align Arrays At Koboh Control Center main quest, so it is not necessary to finish the story.

Destroy the small red droid to pick up the final Treasure collectible in Hangar 2046-C. If the droid runs away before killing him, rest at the Meditation Point inside the Mantis to force him to respawn. Note that the robot follows a specific path running toward your ship, so use this to your advantage.

Next to the droid, by some crates, you’ll also see an Echo Cal can sense. While it doesn’t count as a collectible, it gives additional information about the events that occur during the game. The said Echo, named Double Agent, spawns only after you beat the story.

Star Wars Jedi Survivor Hangar 2046-C Treasure Location

Congratulations on finding all Hangar 2046-C Treasure locations in Star Wars Jedi Survivor. If you think this guide was helpful, make sure to check our Wiki Hub Page here for more information.

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