Star Wars Jedi Survivor Pyloon’s Saloon Collectibles Locations

by Vlad
May 6, 2023

Star Wars Jedi Survivor Pyloon’s Saloon is a key location in the latest SW video game developed by Respawn Entertainment which also includes five collectibles you’ll most likely want to find.

However, besides the collectibles we’ll cover below, the Pyloon’s Saloon in Star Wars Jedi Survivor also serves as a hub area, where Cal Kestis gets to meet new characters or recruit the NPCs he encounters during his epic journey.

The Star Wars Jedi Survivor Pyloon’s Saloon, or Greez’s bar, is unlocked early in the game after Cal reaches Planet Koboh looking for his old pilot friend, but not all areas or rooms inside the saloon can be accessed after dealing with Zeik and Rayvis.

For example, the garden on top of Pyloon’s Saloon becomes available in Chapter 4 after you meet Pili, who allows Cal to plant his Seed Pods.

This means that to access some rooms; you’ll have to progress through. Luckily none of these rooms are connected to the locations of the two Chests, Databank Scans, and the Treasure revealed in the following guide.

Koboh Pyloon’s Saloon Collectibles Locations Map

As usual, let’s start with the Pyloon’s Saloon collectibles map, which shows the Chests, Databanks, and Treasure locations inside the bar.

Star Wars Jedi Survivor Pyloon's Saloon Collectibles Map

Following the same order as the one on the map, here is how to get the five collectibles in Star Wars Jedi Survivor Pyloon’s Saloon building.

Collectible #1 (Priorite Shard Treasure): In The Bathroom

After entering the saloon for the first time, you’ll meet Monk, the bartender. Wait for the cutscene to end, then head right following the door near the stairs, and you’ll reach the bathroom.

As you enter, check the second stall on the left side, and flush the toilet. The Pyloon’s Saloon Treasure will drop in front of you.

Star Wars Jedi Survivor Pyloon's Saloon Treasure Location

Collectibles #2 & 3 (Scrapper Outfit Chest & Hallikset Databank Scan): In Cal’s Room

After reuniting with Greez, the first time you visit Pyloon’s Saloon, you’ll be introduced to Cal’s room. Alongside the Meditation Point, you’ll find a large Chest (pictured below), and a mandolin BD-1 can scan.

The Mandolin is the first Pyloon’s Saloon Datbank available, so make sure you scan it.

Star Wars Jedi Survivor Pyloon's Saloon Collectibles Locations Guide

Collectibles #4 & 5 (Eerin Siinaa Music Track Chest & Moran’s Possessions Databank): In Moran’s Locked Room

The last two collectibles in Greez’s bar are a bit trickier because they are inside a locked room. To open the locked (red) door, you must spend time listening to Moran’s story.

Specifically, you’ll have to head to the bar and find the strange NPC in the corner. The idea here is to talk to him several times. Start by interacting with him, and after you exhaust his dialogue options, rest at the Meditation Point in Cal’s room.

Return to Moran and talk to him again, then rest. You’ll have to repeat this step at least four times. Obviously, if you approached him already, you only have to talk to him several times, but the idea is the same. To listen to his story and get to know him.

Eventually, Moran will open the door to his room, and you’ll find the last Pyloon’s Saloon Chest and Databank collectibles inside.

Star Wars Pyloon's Saloon Collectibles Locations Guide

Great job! Now that you found all collectibles inside Pyloon’s Saloon bar, continue your journey as Cal Kestis, and if you have questions, feel free to drop them in the comments section below.

Last but not least, whenever you get stuck in the game, visit our Star Wars Jedi Survivor Wiki Hub to find guides for all puzzles and collectibles locations.

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