Star Wars Jedi Survivor Rambler’s Reach Outpost Force Tears Locations

by Vlad
May 3, 2023

Star Wars Jedi Survivor Rambler’s Reach Outpost Force Tears are probably the trickiest collectibles on Planet Koboh because both come with specific requirements you must complete before accessing the associated challenges.

Luckily one of the Rambler’s Reach Outpost Force Tears is a bit easier, and there is an alternative path to get to it, but for the second one, you’ll have to do a bit of legwork.

That’s because you must make the Force Tear spawn, and you can only do this by dealing with a boss.

Since both Rambler’s Reach Outpost Force Tears count as collectibles and because you need both of them to reach 100% completion on Koboh, throughout the following guide, we’ll discuss their locations and the steps you have to follow to get them.

Koboh Rambler’s Reach Outpost Force Tears Locations Map

As with all other collectibles included in our Star Wars Jedi Survivor Wiki, let’s start with Rambler’s Reach Outpost map, which shows the locations of the two Force Tears challenges.

On the map below, you can notice that one is on top of a tower near the landing pad, while the second is inside Doma’s Shop.

Star Wars Jedi Survivor Rambler's Reach Outpost Force Tears Locations Maps

As mentioned, both Force Tears challenges, or collectibles require you to progress the story and locate specific NPCs.

This means that even if you visit Rambler’s Reach early in the game, it’s best to look for these two collectibles after you finish the story in Respawn Entertainment‘s latest game.

Now, following the same order as the one on the map, here is how to get the Force Tears in Rambler’s Reach Outpost.

Force Tear #1 (Fractured Duality): On Top Of A Tower

The first Rambler’s Reach Force Tear collectible in Star Wars Jedi Survivor is, as mentioned, on top of the control tower you can reach via the garden on the roof of Pyloon’s Saloon.

The said garden, however, must be unlocked first by finding Pili Walde on Planet Jedha. You’ll meet her during Chapter 4 of the game while exploring the Blustery Mesa area.

After talking to Pili, the NPC automatically relocates to Pyloon’s Saloon cantina, and you’ll find her on the roof. From the garden, all you need to do is to climb the vines on the tower’s exterior wall and get to the first Force Tear.

Star Wars Jedi Survivor Rambler's Reach Outpost Force Tears Locations Guide

Assuming you don’t want to wait until you find Pili, there is another way to reach the roof of the tower marked above.

This path requires you to go around the Pyloon’s Saloon, moving towards Foothill Falls, or left while facing the cantina’s main door.

You’ll notice a small ramp and, on the right side, a ledge you can grab simply by double-jumping.

Star Wars Jedi Survivor Rambler's Reach Force Tears Locations Guide

While hanging, head right, then pull yourself up on the platform above the cantina. Now, drop to the roof and climb the tower.

If you can’t find the purple Force Tear portal, consider progressing the story. If it’s there, start the Fractured Duality challenge, which involves defeating several waves of Droids and Stormtroopers in the Double-Bladed Stance.

Force Tear #2 (Fractured History): Inside Doma’s Shop

The second Star Wars Jedi Survivor Rambler’s Outpost Force Tear is inside Doma’s Shop, which also unlocks via story progression; however, when you first visit it, you won’t be able to spot the Force Tear pictured below, especially early in the game.

Star Wars Jedi Survivor Doma's Shop Force Tear Location

That’s because Doma’s Shop Force Tear requires you to deal with the Spawn of Oggdo, a boss you may remember from Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order.

The Spawn of Oggdo is found in the Koboh area, known as Fort Kah’lin, which is reached by crossing the Untamed Downs.

You’ll find Spawn of Oggdo at the location marked below.

Star Wars Jedi Survivor Doma Shop Force Tear Location

After you defeat the Spawn of Oggdo, you must locate a Force Echo near a smaller frog. Since it’s a collectible, you can’t miss it.

Interact with the said Echo, then return to Doma’s Shop, and you’ll see the newly unlocked Force Tear.

Before going inside, it’s worth noting that the Fractured History Challenge involves two bosses: Spawn of Oggdo and Oggdo Bogdo. Both of them hit hard, so make sure you are prepared.

Once you defeat them, both Star Wars Jedi Survivor Rambler’s Reach Outpost Force Tears will be marked as completed, so feel free to visit our Strategy Guide here to get the remaining collectible in the hub area of planet Koboh.

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