Starfield Dirty Laundry: Where To Find the Merchandise

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September 21, 2023

Starfield Dirty Laundry is a side mission available in Neon City on planet Volii Alpha, and to complete it, you must do a job for a woman called Manaia Adams.

The NPC, an independent contractor in town for business, needs you to dispose of the evidence left behind by her client.

Of course, you’ll be rewarded for your efforts as Manaia intends to split her rate fifty-fifty with you, which is fair enough for a simple job like this.

Also, just in case you get stuck at any point while completing the Starfield Dirty Laundry mission, make sure to check the walkthrough below.

How To Start The Starfield Dirty Laundry Mission

You can begin the Dirty Laundry side mission by talking to Manaia Adams in the Astral Lounge of Neon City.

However, for Manaia to appear, you have to first complete The Showdown side mission, also available in Neon City.

Assuming you are done with the requirements, you’ll find the Astral Lounge by going to the right after getting off the spaceport elevator. Don’t stop until you reach the Trade Tower building at the end of the street.

Now, enter the building, go up the purple lighted stairs, and then go through the door in front to get inside the club.

You should be able to spot Manaia Adams next to the stairs on the left at the back of the club, as shown in the following image.

Starfield Dirty Laundry mission starting location

To finally start the mission, talk to Manaia and ask her if there is anything you can do for her.

She will tell you that you can take care of some loose ends for her, and if you accept the job, you’ll be instructed to go secure some merchandise and then sell it to Kolman Lang at the Trade Authority.

Dirty Laundry Merchandise Location

Manaia also tells you that the merchandise is found in the Warehouse behind Neon Tactical.

Luckily, you can follow the blue marker to get to the exact location of the merchandise, provided you’ve tracked the mission.

As such, first get to the Ebbside area, then continue following the blue marker to Warehouse 03 and head inside.

As you can see, the blue marker now points somewhere up, so find the stairs and get to the next level to find the merchandise on a shelf.

The merchandise is found in Warehouse 03 in the Ebbside area

To continue, pick up the Discarded Sidestar from the Pharmaceutical Kit and leave the Warehouse.

Now, you must sell what you’ve found to Kolman Lang; thus, let’s find him, too.

Where To Find Kolman Lang

Finding Kolman couldn’t be easier; all you have to do is fast-travel to Neon Core and slightly turn right to see the Trade Authority building with the NPC in question just inside.

Kolman Lang is found in the Trade Authority building

Next, you must talk to Kolman, and when you have the option, pick the following line: I was wondering if you’d be interested in this Sidestar.

Then, accept Kolman’s small offer of 500 credits and return to Manaia at the Astral Lounge.

To complete the Starfield Dirty Laundry side mission and get your reward, tell Manaia you’ve sold the merchandise to the Trade Authority. But if you want to tackle more missions in the video game developed by Bethesda Game Studios, check out our Wiki Hub Page.

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