Starfield Unjustified: Where To Find Rusty

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September 20, 2023

Unjustified is a Starfield side mission for which you have to help a grieving widow find out how exactly her husband died.

The widow is named Katherine Luzion, and even though security told her the death was an accident, she believes they are lying and her husband was murdered.

The mission is rather easy, but you can get different rewards depending on the choice you make at the end.

As such, if you want to find out what is the right choice for you and how to complete the Starfield Unjustified mission, make sure to check the following walkthrough.

How To Start the Unjustified Side Mission in Starfield

While exploring Neon City on planet Volii Alpha in the Volii System, you can encounter a security agent who speaks of a certain Katherine Luzion, who keeps demanding a further investigation into her husband’s murder.

After the security agent stops talking, the Talk to Katherine Luzion Activity starts, and if you track it, you can follow the blue marker to the quest giver.

Of course, you can also go directly to Katherine Luzion and talk to her without even starting the mentioned Activity.

Katherine can be found in her store, Quikshop, which is located in the Underbelly area of the city.

Thus, to reach her, you must first land at the spaceport in Neon City, then cross the bridge and take the elevator.

Once you get off, you need to go behind the elevator, head down the stairs, and go through the door leading to Ebbside.

Next, you must head forward until you hit the wall, then turn left, go up the stairs in front, and take the elevator on the right side to the Underbelly.

Now, cross the bridge, then head left toward Generdyne Industries, and don’t stop until you see Quikshop on the left side, with Katherine Luzion inside, as shown in the next screenshot.

Starfield Unjustified mission starting location

When you try talking to Katherine, she might say she is not in the mood and the store is closed, so you should come back tomorrow.

If that is the case, turn around and go to the Xenofresh Seafood place to sit on one of their empty chairs.

After getting on a chair, press Y on your Xbox controller, select 24 hours, then press A to wait out the time.

Now get back to Katherine, who should be in a more talking mood.

The NPC will explain how her husband died last week, and Neon Security says it was all an accident.

However, Katherine doesn’t really believe them and thinks that her husband was murdered.

If you choose to help the widow, she will tell you that a good place to start your investigation is at the Emporium in Neon, where the witness who supposedly saw everything is located.

The witness is named Tevin Anastas, and you must find him to see what he has to say.

Where To Find Tevin Anastas in the Unjustified Mission

The quickest way to get to Tevin is by fast traveling to Neon Core, then turning around and heading forward while keeping an eye on the left side for the Emporium building.

Tevin is inside the Emporium, and you must get to him to start a conversation and ask him about the death of Thomas Luzion.

Tevin Anastas is found in the Emporium building

The problem is that Tevin will refuse to help you, and you’ll be presented with two choices:

  • Pay him 1,000 credits to find out what happened.
  • Persuade him to learn everything he knows.

It’s worth mentioning that if you picked the Neon Street Rat Trait at the beginning of the game, you also have the option to threaten Tevin to get information.

Whatever method you choose to continue, Tevin will tell you how he saw Thomas getting murdered and thrown into the ocean by a man named Russell or Rusty.

Therefore, let’s see exactly where to find this Rusty.

Rusty’s Location in Starfield

Before finishing talking to Tevin, he also mentions that you can find Rusty at the sleepcrates next to Madam Sauvage’s Place.

So finding Rusty is pretty easy, especially if you have the mission tracked because you can follow the blue marker to him.

After getting to the place in Ebbside mentioned by Tevin, you should see Rusty, who will ask you if you can spare some change.

Rusty is located at the sleepcrates next to Madam Sauvage's Place

Talking to Rusty will get him to confess his murder, and you can choose to kill or spare him.

Note that if you choose to kill him, you can get some loot from his corpse.

Now you must return to Katherine and explain what happened.

Should You Tell the Truth or Lie to Katherine?

Once you’ve made your way back to Katherine, you can tell her that her husband was murdered or lie and tell her that his death was an accident.

Note that Katherine will have different lines depending on whether you killed Rusty or not.

Ultimately, you can accept or decline payment from the widow.

If you accept, you’ll get some credits and 100 XP; if not, you’ll get 200 XP and no credits.

Your reward depends on wheter you accept or not payment from Katherine

In any case, great job! You’ve helped the poor widow and completed the Starfield Unjustified side mission. But you can now focus on any other mission available in Neon City, like Dirty Laundry.

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