Starfield Hard Luck: Where To Find Clover’s Diary

September 19, 2023

Starfield Hard Luck is a side mission that evolves around two NPCs in Neon City named Clover MacKenna and Saburo Okadigbo.

Clover is a woman working at CeltCorp, and she wants to help Saburo pay his debt to the megacorp.

Since Saburo is too proud to accept money from Clover, you have to figure out a way to convince him.

You can approach the Hard Luck mission in two ways, assuming you also want to complete the optional objectives.

Therefore, if you want to get the most out of the Starfield Hard Luck mission, make sure to check our walkthrough.

How To Start the Starfield Hard Luck Side Mission

The side mission can be started by talking to Clover MacKenna in the Trade Tower building of Neon City.

Thus, to reach the Trade Tower, you must cross the bridge once you’ve landed at Neon’s spaceport, then use the elevator and head to the right all the way to the end of the street.

The building is behind Bayu’s statue, and it’s pretty hard to miss because of the large Trade Tower sign.

Once you’ve entered the building, go to the elevator right of the stairs. Look for the CeltCorp sign as a point of reference.

Now, take the elevator to the CeltCorp floor, and after you get off, you should see a red-haired woman behind the desk on the left.

Starfield Hard Luck mission starting location

The woman is Clover MacKenna, and if you start a conversation with her, she will tell you about Saburo Okadigbo’s substantial debt to CeltCorp.

To continue, you must tell Clover you can assist her, and she will explain how she wants to pay the debt herself, but Saburo is too proud to accept the credits.

Clover will be relieved when you tell her you’ll speak with Saburo and convince him.

She was so stressed out that she wrote about the whole situation in her diary.

After finishing talking to MacKenna, you have to convince Saburo to take the loan, and you even have an optional objective that requires you to find Clover’s diary.

Clover’s Diary Location in Starfield

Finding the diary is pretty easy because if you track the mission, you should be able to see two blue markers.

One of the blue markers, the closest, leads to an office where the diary is located on a desk, as shown in the image below.

Clover's Diary is found on a desk in a nearby office

When you pick up the journal, you can also read it to find out that MacKenna has feelings for Saburo.

From Clover's Diary, you get that she has feelings for Saburo

Now it’s time to go to Saburo and see how you can convince him to accept Clover’s help.

How To Convince Saburo To Take the Loan

As such, go back down to the streets and head towards the elevator you used to reach Neon City from the spaceport.

After getting to the spaceport terminal, go past it, and you should see the Mining League building on the left side.

You’ll find Saburo inside the Mining League building; he is the man with the blue marker above his head.

Saburo is found inside the Mining League building

Thus, talk to the NPC and tell him about how Clover MacKenna offered to pay his debt.

Of course, Saburo will refuse, and you’ll then have two options to continue: either persuade him to take the money or tell him about Clover’s Slate (diary).

Persuading him can be a little tricky because you’ll need to fill eight persuasion bars.

However, if you choose to give him the diary, not only will he accept the loan, but he will get anxious because he likes Clover back.

Now, you can return to Clover and tell her you’ve convinced Saburo to take the loan. She will thank you and hand you some credits for your troubles.

Well done, Cupid! You’ve completed the Starfield Hard Luck side mission, and because of you, maybe the two will get together. Also, there are more missions available in Neon City for you to tackle, like Unjustified.

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