Starfield Saburo’s Solution: Where To Find the Neon Merchants

September 19, 2023

Saburo’s Solution is a Starfield side mission in which you have to help a mining supply shop owner get more clients.

To be more precise, Starfield Saburo’s Solution mission requires you to bring some flyers to five of the vendors in Neon City.

However, you need to visit five specific merchants, and it’s possible for you to lose more time than you would want searching for them.

As such, it would be best to check the walkthrough below to make sure you complete Starfield Saburo’s Solution mission as fast as possible.

How To Start Saburo’s Solution Side Mission in Starfield

In order to start the said mission, you must find the quest giver, Saburo, who is located in Neon City, of course.

After landing at the Neon City spaceport, you need to cross the bridge, take the elevator, and enter the Mining League building on the left side.

You can then see Saburo Okadigbo standing behind the store’s counter, as shown in the next screenshot.

Starfield Saburo's Solution mission starting location

Now, you can start a conversation with Saburo to learn that his business is not doing so well.

When you get the opportunity, you have to offer to help Saburo save his store, but his first reply will be that he doesn’t want to impose.

However, if you insist, he will thank you and tell you about how he came up with an idea to generate more interest in his products.

This is where you come in, and you have to bring the flyers he gives you to some of the vendors in Neon.

If you agree to do the task, let’s continue by finding out where you can find each of the five business people you need to visit.

Merchant #1 (Doctor Joseph Manning): In the Reliant Medical Building

The first merchant can be found by exiting Saburo’s shop and heading to the right.

As you move, you must keep an eye on the right side of the street for the Reliant Medical building.

Then, you need to enter the building in question and talk to Doctor Joseph Manning.

Now, when you can, pick the following line: Here’s a flyer from Saburo Okadigbo explaining how you can both boost your business.

Doctor Joseph Manning is found in the Reliant Medical Building

Merchant #2 (Minerva Clement): In the Volii Hotel

For the second merchant, head out of Reliant Medical, and you can see Volii Hotel immediately to the right.

Talk to Minerva Clement at the reception and tell her about Saburo’s flyer.

Minerva Clement is found at the reception of the Volii Hotel

Merchant #3 (Paige Overton): In the Enhance Building

The next building on the right, after exiting the Volii Hotel, is Enhance.

Head inside and talk to Paige Overton behind the desk on the right side to give her another of Saburo’s flyers.

Paige Overton is located in the Enhance building

Merchant #4 (Tevin Anastas): In the Emporium Building

To continue, leave Enhance and cross the street to enter the Emporium building.

Then talk to Tevin Anastas behind the desk on the left side, and when you have the possibility, offer him one of Saburo’s flyers.

Tevin Anastas is found in the Emporium building

Merchant #5 (Dietrich Sieghart): In the Sieghart’s Outfitters Shop

The fifth and final merchant you have to see will take you to Sieghart’s Outfitters shop, which is in the second building to the right after exiting the Emporium.

Once inside the shop, talk to Dietrich Sieghart and, when possible, give him the last of Saburo’s flyers.

Dietrich Sieghart is located in Sieghart's Outfitters shop

Now, to complete Starfield Saburo’s Solution side mission and get your reward, all you have to do is return to Saburo and give him the great news. However, you can always start another Neon City mission, like Hard Luck.

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