Starfield Relief Run: Where To Find Abbie Edding

September 19, 2023

Starfield Relief Run is a side mission you can pick up in Neon City on the Volii Alpha planet of the Volii system.

In the Relief Run mission, you must help Doctor Joseph Manning get medical supplies so he can continue to aid the sick people of Neon City.

However, to obtain the supplies, you must go off-world to a clinic in the Narion system and visit nurse Abbie Edding.

Also, to help you with this task and make sure you don’t encounter any difficulties, I will provide the following Starfield Relief Run side mission walkthrough.

How To Start The Starfield Relief Run Mission

To start the Relief Run side mission, you need to make your way to Neon City and talk to Doctor Joseph Manning.

You’ll find the good doctor by landing at the Neon City spaceport, crossing the bridge, taking the elevator, and entering the Reliant Medical building on the right side.

Doctor Joseph Manning is dressed in a white robe, and he is easy to find because the building is pretty small.

Starfield Relief Run mission starting location

Upon starting a conversation with Joseph, he will mistake you for a drug user; that is not too flattering if you ask me.

Talking to the doctor, you learn that he is short on medical supplies, which is kind of weird considering he works for Reliant Medical.

But it all makes sense when you learn that Joseph is at odds with the Administrator of Neon because of his drug, which is very dangerous for the locals.

Thus, the Administrator is thinning Joseph’s supply chain as a tactic to make him stop his protests.

Now, because you just can’t close your eyes and not help with such a good cause, you tell the good doctor that you can aid him with his medical supply problem.

Joseph is happy to see that there are still people who think about anyone but themselves, and he directs you to a certain Abbie Edding at the clinic in the Narion system.

To continue, let’s see where precisely you can find nurse Abbie Edding.

Nurse Abbie Edding’s Location in Starfield

After finishing talking to Joseph, you can open your menu, select the mission, and press X on your Xbox controller to Set Course.

Next, hold X to jump to Narion Starstation, and you should see the space clinic right in front of you.

To continue, approach the clinic and press A while aiming at it, then hold X to dock.

The clinic is located in the Narion system

Once you’ve boarded the station, assuming you have the mission tracked, follow the blue marker to reach Abbie Edding.

Board the station and follow the blue marker to find Abbie Edding

As you can see, I found her sitting on a yellow chair near the reception, but that might not be the case for you. However, she must be close.

Now tell Abbie that Manning sent you to pick up the reserves, and after that, you can even persuade the nurse to give you a little extra supplies.

Getting the nurse to give you the extra supplies is fairly easy because you only have to fill four persuasion bars.

Also, if your persuasion is successful, you’ll get more credits at the end of the mission.

When you finish speaking with Abbie, you can return to Joseph and give him the supplies to complete the Starfield Relief Run mission. But, if you want to keep it going, consider starting another mission in Neon City, like Saburo’s Solution.

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