Starfield The Bounty That Got Away: Where To Place the Sensor

September 18, 2023

The Bounty That Got Away is a pretty tricky Starfield side mission if you are afraid of heights because you must climb a tall tower to complete it.

In Starfield The Bounty That Got Away mission, you have to help a Trackers Alliance Agent, located in Cydonia on planet Mars, to find a bounty.

However, there will be no real action for you because all you have to do is place a sensor to help the agent track her target.

But if you encounter any problems reaching the spot where you must place the tracking sensor, make sure to check the Starfield Bounty That Got Away mission walkthrough below.

How To Start The Bounty That Got Away Side Mission in Starfield

Before anything, you need to find the mentioned Trackers Alliance Agent in the Cydonia mining colony.

As such, after entering the colony, head forward, and you’ll soon get to the Broken Spear bar on the right side.

Now, if you look at the opposite side of the bar’s entrance, you should see a woman leaning on a sign, as shown in the following image.

Starfield The Bounty That Got Away mission starting location

The woman is the Tracker, and after engaging in a conversation with her, you’ll get the opportunity to pick the next line: I could help you with a job if you’re paying.

You’ll then learn that the Tracker is only stationed in Cydonia because she made a mistake.

She killed the wrong bounty, with the right one getting away, but she heard a rumor that the target could be found around Mars.

Her plan is to plant a sensor so she can track her mark’s chip signal when he shows around.

If you accept to help, your task is to plant the sensor for her on the top of the old Mars launchpad tower.

Finding the said tower is easy; just make sure you have the mission tracked, then open the Mars map and look for the launchpad, which should have a blue marker above it.

Upon traveling to the launchpad, look up, and you’ll see the blue marker on top of the tower.

How To Climb the Mars Launchpad Tower in Starfield

You’ll start your ascent by going through the hole at the base of the tower, as you can see in the next screenshot.

The Mars Launch pad Tower is located relatively close to Cydonia

To continue, it’s mandatory to have a Boostpack because even though Mars’ gravity will allow you to jump quite high, it will not be enough.

Also, if you want to make your climb a lot easier, you can use an Aid item that will increase your jump height. Like the one in the image below, for example.

Use Aid items that boost your height jump

Now, use the crates, beams, and everything you can climb on to reach the holes in the ceiling of each level to eventually get to the roof.

Once on the roof, make your way to the blue marker by crossing on the metal beam carefully so you don’t fall.

The tracking sensor spot is found on top of the Mars Launch pad Tower

When you get to the sensor spot, place the tracking device to complete the current objective.

To complete Starfield The Bounty That Got Away side mission and get your rewards, you now need to return to the Tracker Agent and tell her the sensor is placed. To continue, there are plenty more side missions available in Starfield for you to tackle, like Relief Run, which can be picked up in Neon City.

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