Starfield Media Sponge: Where To Find the Dragonstar Force Book

September 18, 2023

Starfield Media Sponge is a pretty easy side mission that requires you to help Mitch Benjamin, who needs somebody who can get off-world.

Mitch is located in Cydonia on planet Mars, and because he is a fantasy book enthusiast, he wants you to go buy Dragonstar Force volume one, which can’t be shipped all the way to the mining colony.

You will be doing the kid a huge favor, and if that is not enough, you will get paid for the good deed, of course.

As such, just in case you don’t know how to start the Starfield Media Sponge mission or how to complete it, make sure to check the following walkthrough.

How To Start the Starfield Media Sponge Mission

In order to play the Media Sponge mission, you must first find Mitch Benjamin in the residential area of Cydonia. Thus, let’s see how to locate the NPC exactly.

As soon as you enter the colony, you need to head forward, and you’ll shortly get to a ramp.

Go down the ramp and immediately turn left to see an orange door that says STAIRS.

Then, go through the door and head down the stairs to reach a larger area.

Next, head to the room to the left through the doorway and move forward until you hit the wall.

Now, turn left to finally see Mitch Benjamin next to the door that says LUXE CONDOMINIUMS.

Starfield Media Sponge starting location

It’s worth mentioning that if you’ve already explored Cyodnia, you might have encountered a UC Security guard saying that his buddy Mitch keeps asking him for help with something, but he doesn’t have time.

To check if this is the case, you should open your Activities list in the menu and look for Offer to help Mitch Benjamin.

If you are in luck and have already started this Activity, you can track it and then follow the blue marker to Mitch Benjamin’s precise location.

To continue, you must tell Mitch you dropped by because you heard he needs help.

The NPC will then explain how he needs to get his hands on a certain book.

The book is named Drangostar Force Volume 1, and Mitch wants you to go off-world to obtain it for him.

Dragonstar Force Book Location in the Media Sponge Side Mission

Note that the location of the Dragonstar Force Book is random for every player, but to easily find the item, open your missions menu, select the quest’s objective, and press X on your Xbox controller to Set Course.

To find the Dragonstar Force Book, open your missions menu, select the quest's objective, and press X on your Xbox controller to Set Course

Then you need to land at the said location, follow the blue marker to the NPC who has the book, and buy it from him.

Follow the blue marker to the NPC who has the Dragonstar Force Book and buy it from him

As you can see, the book is quite cheap, and after you get it, you must return to Mitch with it.

This time, he might be in his room in the residential area, and to find him fast, follow the old faithful blue marker.

Now, if you want to obtain the most credits from this mission, you can actually persuade Mitch to give you a little extra.

Considering you need to fill only four persuasion bars, you should definitely try it.

Once you get the book into Mitch’s hands, the Starfield Media Sponge side mission comes to an end, and you’ll receive your credits and XP. However, you can now focus on other Cydonia missions, like The Bounty That Got Away.

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