Starfield: Where To Deliver the Courier Message for Marcel Duris

September 6, 2023

Upon reaching Akila City in Starfield, you’ll get the chance to complete a very short activity for Duncan Lynch inside the Trade Authority building, provided you agree to deliver an unusual message to Marcel Duris.

While short, this activity has a great payout and comes with a few choices you’ll have to make.

Because of the payout, it’s best to deliver the said message, and throughout the following Starfield walkthrough, I’ll tell you how to reach Marcel Duris, located inside The Den.

Where To Find Duncan Lynch in Starfield

In the video game developed by Bethesda, Duncan Lynch is running the Trade Authority office and shop in Akila City.

If you follow the game’s story and focus on all side-quests, you’ll get to Akila City while playing the Late Bloomer side quest in New Atlantis. For the said side quest, you must find Leah Casler inside the Akila City Museum.

Therefore, if you don’t know how to get to Akila City, consider checking our Late Bloomer walkthrough. After landing on Akila in Cheyenne System, head towards the city, and you’ll be stopped by a guard. Talk to him, and you’ll start the Job Gone Wrong side mission.

Now, get inside the city, and the moment you enter, head right along the wall. On the left side, you’ll see the Trade Authority building pictured below.

Talk to Duncan Lynch in Starfield Akila City to get the message for Marcel Duris

Head inside the building, and behind the counter, you’ll find Duncan Lynch. While talking to Duncan, ask him if he has any special jobs available.

He’ll tell you he needs a courier to deliver a message for him; however, he wants you to be discreet and not ask any questions. If you try discovering more about the message you received, Duncan will avoid any answers. So, let’s see where to find Marcel Duris.

How To Deliver the Message to Marcel Duris in The Den

According to Duncan, Marcel Duris runs the Trade Authority office in The Den, a space station orbiting around the Chthonia Planet in the Wolf System.

So, the first thing you’ll want to do now is to get back to your ship and leave Akila Planet. Now, while in space, open your Star Map from the game’s menu, and while tracking the current activity, press B twice to zoom out and see the Galaxy Map.

Move around the map following the objective marker until you see the Wolf Star System.

Marcel Duris is found on the space station orbiting Chthonia Planet.

Since the route to The Den will most likely be unexplored, first, you’ll have to Grav Jump to the closest explored Star System. In the screenshot above, it is Barnard’s Star, but most likely, it will be different for you.

After selecting the closest explored Star System, open the Galaxy Map again, select the Wolf Star System, and then Grav Jump again.

After reaching your destination, you’ll be hailed by an unknown ship (UC Hoplite or another ship), claiming you carry contraband goods.

Accept the call and pay close attention to the voice from the ship. It’s easy to figure out that it’s a scam, especially if you don’t carry contraband goods. So you’ll be given several choices when the unknown ship requests to scan your ship.

How you answer is not important because, in the end, you have only two choices:

  • Pay the amount of Credits requested to leave without a fight
  • Refuse to pay since you are being scammed and destroy the ship

How you deal here is up to you, but the second option is recommended if you don’t want to lose your hard-earned Credits.

After you clear the area, look around to spot The Den Space Station.

To dock The Den, you’ll want to move close to the station and keep it in your view. Move slowly, and you’ll see the option to dock when you get close enough.

To dock the Den in Starfield press and hold X

Press and hold X to dock the Starfield Den Space Station, then press and hold X again to board it.

Inside The Den, follow your objective marker to find Marcel Duris in his small office.

Marcel Duris is inside his office in The Den.

Before talking to him, if you want, you can take a look at the message you are delivering.

Access your inventory, navigate to Notes, and select the Courier Message for Marcel Duris. You should be able to see a code that doesn’t make too much sense.

So, talk to Marcel Duris and select Deliver the Message. When he asks you if you had trouble en route, answer however you see fit, as the rewards you receive won’t change. Or, simply put, you’ll get the same amount of Credits even if you ask him about the code.

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  1. The message is easy to understand, it’s a simple Atbash cypher (A-Z B-Y C-X … X-C Y-B Z-A)


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