Starfield The Well Apex Electronics Shop: Where To Find the Locked Door Key

September 6, 2023

Apex Electronics is a shop in The Well, which is an underground area in the New Atlantis city, and it has a locked door that can be opened only with a certain key.

To obtain the Starfield Apex Electronics Shop Locked Door Key, you must actually complete a side mission named A Shipment for Salinas.

For the said mission, you must go off the planet and find a package. However, doing so can be tricky, especially if you are attempting to complete Shipment for Salinas at the beginning of your Starfield journey.

As such, throughout the following guide, I’ll provide step-by-step instructions to help you open the Starfield Apex Electronics Shop Locked Door by finding its key.

How To Start A Shipment for Salinas Mission in Starfield

As mentioned, to obtain the key, you must first complete A Shipment for Salinas, which can be started in the Apex Electronics Shop of The Well area.

If you forgot how to reach The Well, you can simply fast-travel to the Mast District of New Atlantis, turn around, go down the ramp, and turn left to spot an elevator.

Now, take the elevator down to The Well underground area and head directly forward while keeping an eye on the right side.

Once you almost reach the other end of the area, you should spot a sign on the right saying Trade Authority.

To continue, go toward the Trade Authority, and just before its entrance, you can spot the Apex Electronics Shop on the right side.

Next, enter the shop by going through the orange door, and you should spot an NPC sitting next to a locked door.

Salinas is found in The Well Apex Electronics Shop

The NPC is none other than Vicente Salinas, and the door next to him is the one you must open.

To start A Shipment for Salinas, speak with the NPC and tell him you’d like to do business with him.

Salinas will tell you he can’t trust you, but if you do a small favor for him, he might change his mind.

All you need to do is pick a package from a place called Red Mile and then deliver it to him.

Where To Find The Red Mile Package

Red Mile is an infamous gambling den on Porrima III planet in the Porrima system.

To quickly get there after talking to Vicente Salinas, open your menu, select the mission’s objective, and press X on your Xbox controller to set a course.

If you can’t go directly there, you have to stop at another system that makes the connection between Alpha Centauri, where New Atlantis is located, and Porrima.

When you finally reach the Porrima system, head to the Porrima III planet and land at the Red Mile, then follow the blue marker to find Salinas’ package between some crates.

Salinas' package is found in the Red Mile area on planet Porrima III

Now you must return to Salinas and give him the package.

How To Open the Apex Electronics Shop Locked Door in Starfield

Once you hand Vicente the package, he will tell you that Salinas Hardware is now open for business and that he will unlock the door for you.

Thus, you don’t actually get the key for the locked door, but Salinas will open it for you.

Complete A Shipment for Salinas mission to open the Apex Electronics Shop Locked Door

If you want to get inside the locked room, tell Salinas you want to see what he has for sale.

After getting inside, you can speak with Salinas again to see his inventory.

He is packed with weapons, ammo, and throwables.

His highest-quality weapons are called Acid Rain and Brawler’s Equinox.

That’s all, friend! You’ve managed to complete the Starfield A Shipment for Salinas mission and opened the Apex Electronics Shop Locked Door without even getting the key. But you can now focus on other side missions, like Groundpounder.

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