Starfield Due in Full Side Mission Walkthrough

September 6, 2023

Due in Full is a pretty long Starfield side mission where you play the role of a debt collector for GalBank.

The man who hires you for the Starfield Due in Full mission is named Landry Hollifield, and he works at the GalBank office in New Atlantis.

Landry has four debtors in mind that you need to visit and collect what they owe.

The problem is that for all four, you need to leave New Atlantis. Also, there will be lots of fighting involved, so bring your best weapons.

The Starfield Due in Full mission can be tricky; therefore, it would be best to check the guide below and learn how to complete it as fast as possible.

How To Start the Starfield Due in Full Mission

First, you need to find Landry Hollifield, who, as mentioned, is located at GalBank in New Atlantis.

Thus, you must fast-travel to the city’s Commercial District and head forward as the GalBank blue sign in front of you says.

You’ll shortly spot GalBank on the left side, next to the Outlands shop.

Once you are inside the bank, talk to Landry Hollifield, who is at the front desk, as shown in the following screenshot.

Starfield Due in Full Side mission starting point

Upon starting the conversation, Landry will notice with his trained eye that you would be really good at collecting what their top delinquent offenders owe.

You’ll get a substantial fee for your troubles, of course.

As such, if you could use the credits, you should accept Landry’s offer and go for the first mark.

Due in Full Dieter Maliki Location

Your first target is Dieter Maliki, who, just like the other three marks, is located at a random location for each player.

Don’t forget that Landry wants no harm to come to Dieter. Hence, you should avoid using force except if it’s really necessary.

To easily get to Dieter, you can open your menu, select the Due in Full mission’s objective, and press X on your Xbox controller to set a course.

When you arrive in the system where Dieter is located, there is a chance you will get a distress call, which starts the Failure to Communicate mission.

You might also receive an incoming transmission from another ship, and if you accept it, you start the Groundpounder mission.

Next, assuming you have the mission tracked, land at the location with the blue marker because that is where you’ll find Dieter.

Once on the planet, follow the blue marker, and you’ll eventually get to Dieter in a small building.

Track the mission and follow the blue marker to get to Dieter Maliki

Now, don’t forget, you have to do your best not to harm Dieter, and this can only be done by using the Persuade lines while talking to him.

If you pick any other lines, he will attack you, and you must kill him.

A good tip would be to stick with the same type of Persuade lines. For example, if you choose to threaten him with the first Persuade line, continue doing so going forward; don’t threaten him and then go soft on him.

After persuading Dieter to pay his debt, you must return to Landry and report.

Landry will congratulate you and reward you with some credits.

But you are far from over because if you talk to the NPC again, he will give you another target.

Unfortunately, conversation is not an option for your next mark, as he is a murdering Spacer scum that was accidentally approved for a sizeable loan.

Where to Find the Delinquent Spacer Ship in Starfield

For your second target, you’ll need to do some space fighting, as you’ll have to blow up a Delinquent Spacer Ship.

The Spacer Ship’s location is also random; thus, you’ll have to repeat the same strategy you used for the first target.

Ensure the mission is tracked, select the objective, and press X to set a course to your target.

As soon as you enter the same orbit as your target, you’ll be immediately attacked by Spacers.

Defeat the Delinquent Spacer Ship with the blue marker to complete the current mission objective.

The Delinquent Spacer Ship is found orbiting the planet with the blue marker

I recommend you actually blast all the Spacer ships, or you’ll have trouble getting away.

Now, get back to Landry and let him know of your success; then, you’ll find out who your next target is: a small company’s CEO.

Starfield Delinquent CEO Location

Upon getting to the Delinquent CEO’s location, you’ll have to follow the blue marker into a rather large building.

Be aware that you’ll have to fight your way to the CEO, as it seems you are not the only one looking for her.

You may have problems with these enemies because their level is pretty high, and you might have to return later when you are stronger.

When you finally clear the area, get to the exact location of the CEO by following the blue marker, and then, talk to her.

The Delinquent CEO is found inside a rather large building

She will gladly pay back what she owes to GalBank, and also thank you for saving her life.

Back to Landry yet again and tell him what happened. Then you’ll learn that your last target is a Delinquent Mercenary, and you should do your best not to kill him because he was an upstanding citizen who’s probably been hit by some bad luck.

Where to Find the Starfield Delinquent Mercenary

Make your way to the debtor as you did with the previous ones, and you’ll find him in a small building.

The Delinquent Mercenary is found in a small building

The situation is a little tricky because the Mercenary gives you only two options: fight him until one of you remains standing, or leave him alone.

You can pursue one of these two options or a third one, which you came up with, and that is to pay his debt yourself.

It will cost you 10,000 credits for the third option, but you will have a great sense of accomplishment, and as a thank you, the Mercenary gives you his quite valuable weapon.

When you are done, return to Landry and report to finally complete the Starfield Due in Full side mission. However, if you are looking for more action and need help, don’t hesitate to check our Starfield Wiki Hub.

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