Starfield Cheat Codes: How To Use Command Console Cheats

September 3, 2023

Did you know that there are a lot of cheat codes available for Starfield that can make your gameplay much easier?

Whether you need more ammo, a particular weapon, or a surplus of credits, there’s a cheat code for everything.

Also, if you wish to become invincible, you can activate God Mode or Immortal Mode to fulfill your wishes.

If you have used console commands to cheat in Bethesda RPGs like Skyrim or Fallout 4, you’ll be pleased to know that many of Starfield‘s console commands work in the same way.

So, here’s a list of every Starfield cheat code we’ve discovered, along with instructions on how to use them.

How To Use Console Commands Cheats in Starfield

To use console commands cheats in Starfield, simply press the ~ (tilde) key on your PC keyboard.

This key is usually located in the top left corner of most keyboards. Once pressed, a window will pop up, allowing you to enter any console command you want.

After you enter your desired command, press Enter to activate it in-game.

For certain commands, such as “kill”, you must click on the NPC you wish to kill to target the command.

starfield cheat codes how to use command console cheats credits - GameClubz

Moreover, some console commands require a particular custom value to be entered. For example, increasing your ability to carry weight, adding a specific item to your inventory, or increasing your character level. It’s important to keep this in mind when using these cheat codes.

Certain Console Commands Will Disable Achievements in Starfield

It’s unfortunate that certain console commands in Starfield can prevent you from earning achievements.

starfield cheat codes how to use command console cheats achievements - GameClubz

If you want full control over your game, you may have to give up the satisfaction of receiving these achievements.

Although not all console commands will have this effect, some will label your save game as ‘Modded‘, which disables your ability to earn achievements while playing.

Currently, the only solution to this issue is to reload a saved game prior to using the console commands.

However, previous games developed and published by Bethesda have had a mod that restores the ability to earn achievements with the use of console commands and mods.

Rest assured, we will inform you as soon as one becomes available for use.

How To Use Starfield Console Commands on Xbox

Unfortunately, the Starfield console commands are not available on the Xbox console, even if you connect a mouse and keyboard to your Xbox. Therefore, this functionality is only accessible on the PC version.

We’ve experienced the same issue for Skyrim and Fallout 4. This is likely because using specific console commands can put a lot of pressure on the computing system.

For example, spawning a large number of objects could cause serious issues on Xbox Series X and Series S consoles.

All Starfield Console Cheats Codes

Here is a list of all the currently known console commands in Starfield. We will update the list as more become available, so be sure to check back for updates.

Cheat Code:Effect(s):
caqsCompletes all main story quests (may result in instability).
gertscaleSee the current scale/size of a targeted item/NPC. While the console is open, click an item/NPC with your mouse to target them.
kahKills all hostile NPCs nearby.
killKills a targeted NPC. While the console is open, click an NPC with your mouse to target them. Important NPCs may only be incapacitated.
killallKills all NPCs nearby.
player.additem [Item ID] [numeric value]Adds a specified amount of a specific item to your inventory. Example: ‘player.additem 0007B2B9 10’ will add 10 Sentinel’s UC Antixeno Spacesuit (Legendary) to your inventory.
player.additem a [numeric value]Adds a specified amount of digipicks to your inventory.
player.additem f [numeric value]Adds a specified amount of credits to your inventory.
player.addperk [Perk ID]Adds any Skills, Traits, or Backgrounds to your character. However, you must have a spare slot, so you cannot add an unlimited number.
player.modav carryweight [numeric value]Changes your character’s maximum carry weight.
player.paycrimegold [numeric value] [Faction ID]Removes any active bounties with any of the in-game Factions.
player.placeatme [Item ID] [numeric value]Spawns any item or creature in front of your character. Replace [Item ID] with the creature/item code and [numeric value] with the quantity you want to spawn.
player.setav health [numeric value]Sets your character’s maximum health level.
player.setav speedmult [numeric value]Changes your character’s speed. The default value is 100, so replace the [numeric value] with a higher number to increase your speed or a lower number to decrease your speed.
player.setlevel [numeric value]Sets your character’s level to whatever you want.
psbAdds every power in Starfield to your character.
resurrectResurrects a targeted dead NPC. While the console is open, click an NPC with your mouse to target them.
saqStarts all main and side quests (may result in instability).
setscale [numeric value]Changes the scale/size of a targeted item/NPC. While the console is open, click an item/NPC with your mouse to target them.
sexchangeChanges your character’s gender.
showlooksmenu player 1Opens the character creator menu.
showlooksmenu player 2Opens partial character creator menu (traits and background will remain after changes).
showmenu sleepwaitmenuOpens the sleep/wait menu to change the in-game time.
taiToggles AI on and off. NPCs will stop moving and won’t do anything at all.
tcaiToggles NPCs combat AI, making all NPCs passive.
tclToggles your character collision, allowing you to go through walls and fly (Noclip mode).
tdetectNPCs will no longer detect your presence.
tfcToggles free camera.
tgmToggles God mode (invulnerable, infinite stamina, infinite ammo, no carry weight limit).
timToggles Immortal mode. You receive damage, but your health never drops below 1.
tmToggles in-game User Interface.
tmm 1Map markers are added for all locations on a planet’s surface. It should be noted that this looks to be permanent, and entering tmm 0 does not erase the icons.
unlockUnlocks any targeted locked door or container. While the console is open, select the target with your mouse.

How To Find Item ID Codes in Starfield

As Starfield has just been released, there is currently no list of item codes available to spawn specific items and add them to your inventory.

However, you can still access item codes through the console by following the steps below.

Enter the console by pressing the tilde (~) key. Once open, type “help” followed by the name of the item you are looking for.

For example, to find the item code for 7.77mm Caseless ammo, type “help 7.77” without the quotes. The console will display all codes related to the word “7.77”.

starfield cheat codes how to use command console cheats item ids - GameClubz

Locate the line reading “AMMO: (0004AD3E) 7.77mm Caseless” as this is the item ID for 7.77mm Caseless ammo.

To add 1000 rounds of 7.77mm Caseless ammo to your inventory, type “player.additem 0004AD3E 1000” without the quotes.

You have nearly limitless options as long as you know the name of the item you’re searching for. This can be useful in increasing your credits, acquiring extra digipicks for lockpicking, or adding new weapons and ammo to your inventory.

And that’s about it! Now you know how to cheat in Starfield, so feel free to check out our Wiki Hub Page for all your space adventure needs.

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