Starfield Reliable Care: Where To Find Dr. Lebedev

September 3, 2023

Reliable Care is one of the Starfield miscellaneous missions you can complete in The Well, which is an underground area in the city of New Atlantis.

In Starfield Reliable Care, you get to help Nurse O’Shea cure a stomach bug that The Well’s children are struggling with.

Considering that pediatrics isn’t Nurse O’Shea’s specialty, you need to go speak with one of her colleagues and get the much-needed aid.

The mission is pretty easy, with its biggest challenge being how to start it. Also it can also take you some time to locate Nurse O’Shea’s colleague.

As such, throughout the following walkthrough, I’ll provide all the instructions you need to complete the Starfield Reliable Care mission as fast as possible.

How To Start the Starfield Reliable Care Misc Mission

To start Reliable Care, you need to offer your assistance to Nurse O’Shea during the Primary Sources misc mission.

Then, you can come back later to the Medbay in The Well underground area and talk to the Nurse.

Starfield Reliable Care mission starting point

She will tell you that the sick children she was talking about all have the same stomach bug that she can’t diagnose because she is not a pediatrician.

However, her colleague, Dr. Lebedev, is an expert, and if she had his research notes, she could come up with a cure.

Since O’Shea can’t leave the Medbay, you decide to help and go to her colleague to get the notes.

Starfield Dr. Lebedev Location

Of course, the Nurse can give you more details on where to find Lebedev if you ask her.

He is working on the topside at Reliant Medical, between MAST and Orion Tower. Apparently, it is quite easy to find.

After finishing your discussion with Nurse O’Shea, get out of the Medbay through the front door and head left.

If you have the mission tracked, you should see a blue marker guiding you to an elevator, as shown in the image below.

The Well exit location

The said elevator can get you topside, and thus, you should use it.

Once you are off the elevator, head forward, go up the ramp to the right, and then make your way to the Residential District by following the road on the right side.

Now, you will soon be able to see the Reliant Medical building, and inside it, you can spot an elevator, also marked if you are tracking the mission.

The Relian Medical building is found in the Residential District

Use the elevator to get to a relatively small room where Dr. Alexei Lebedev is sitting at a desk.

Take the elevator in the Relian Medical building to find Dr. Alexei Lebedev

To continue, tell Alexei that O’Shea has sent you because of a stomach bug caught by some of The Well’s children.

The doctor says he never thought he’d see the day that O’Shea would encounter a medical problem she can’t solve, and of course, he is happy to help.

Dr. Lebedev will then give you his research notes, which you should now deliver to The Well’s Nurse.

Therefore, get back to the good Nurse, preferably on the same path you took to get here, and give her the notes.

She will then thank you and say that she will solve the problem in no time using the notes for reference.

Well done, friend! You’ve helped the little kids and completed the Starfield Reliable Care mission. But if you want to keep it going, you can tackle another mission available in The Well area, like Suspicious Activities.

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