Starfield Suspicious Activities: Where To Find the UC Surplus

September 3, 2023

The Well is a dangerous underground area in the city of New Atlantis, and for the Suspicious Activities mission in Starfield, you get to prevent a robbery here.

You get the tip about the robbery from Theresa, a business owner in The Well, who was eavesdropping on a conversation between two suspicious clients who were observing the UC Surplus store a bit too closely.

As always, you decide to step in and save the day one more time, but even the bravest heroes need help once in a while.

Thus, no worries because I’ve got your back, and throughout the walkthrough below, I’ll provide step-by-step instructions to help you get the Starfield Suspicious Activities mission to an end.

How To Start the Starfield Suspicious Activities Mission

First, you need to know how you can start the Suspicious Activities mission, and you can actually do so while completing another quest, named Primary Sources.

In Primary Sources, you’ll meet Theresa, who, as mentioned, fears that two suspicious clients of hers are planning a robbery.

As such, after completing Primary Sources, you can head to The Well area and talk to Theresa in her restaurant to see what can be done about the two individuals.

Starfield Suspicious Activities mission starting point

It seems Theresa saw the suspicious men hanging around the UC Surplus earlier today, and before you take action on the matter, you need to be sure about their intentions.

So, it’s time to play detective and eavesdrop on the two men yourself.

Now, you have to head to the UC Surplus store to find them.

Starfield UC Surplus Location

Luckily, the store is really close; all you have to do is exit Theresa’s restaurant and head left for a couple of meters.

If you have the mission tracked, you should be able to see two blue markers guiding you to the suspicious men, as you can see in the next screenshot.

The two suspicious men are found near The Well's UC Surplus store

To continue, you have to get close and eavesdrop on them.

From their discussion, you learn that they are, in fact, planning to rob the UC Surplus store, and you must return to Theresa to tell her the news.

She will tell you it’s time to get the authorities involved and, as such, sends you to speak with Officer Endler at the security office.

Also, you should tell Endler that Theresa sent you if he gives you a hard time.

Now, you are presented with two options: either do as Theresa told you or take justice into your own hands and confront the robbers.

Should You Confront the Suspicious Men or Report the Robbery?

If you choose to confront the robbers, they won’t like it, and you’ll have to fight them.

When you are done with them and tell Theresa what you did, she will not be happy at all, but the mission ends, and you receive 50 XP and 500 credits.

However, you can also go to the Security Office, which you can easily reach by heading left toward the stairs after exiting Theresa’s place, and talk to Karson Endler.

Officer Endler can be found in The Well's UC Security Office

If you tell him Theresa sent you, he will personally take care of things.

Then, if you explain to Theresa what you did, she will be pleased, and you’ll be rewarded with 2000 credits and 50 XP for completing the mission this way.

Whatever method you choose, congratulations on completing the Starfield Suspicious Activities mission. If you want, you can now help The Well’s Nurse find a cure for a sickness by completing the Reliable Care mission.

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