Starfield The Art Dealer: Where To Find Zoe Kaminski

September 3, 2023

Samson Cebrail is one of the many NPCs that can give you missions in the New Atlantis city, and you can find him at the start of your journey in Starfield.

For The Art Dealer miscellaneous mission in Starfield, Samson will need you to pick up an artwork and bring it to him so he can later deliver it to a particular client.

I know the whole thing sounds shady, but you get to make a quick buck if you complete the mission, and, of course, you’ll also earn some XP.

The problem is that Samson can be hard to find as he has no marker, and you could waste serious time looking for the NPC throughout the big city.

Therefore, make sure to check the walkthrough below to learn where to find Samson Cebrail and how to complete Starfield The Art Dealer mission.

How To Start The Art Dealer Mission in Starfield

Once you are free to explore New Atlantis, you need to make your way to the Demison Mercantile shop in the Spaceport area.

When you reach the mentioned area, go to the large fountain in the middle and look for The Viewport building. It has a really big sign, making it hard to miss.

Then head in front of the said building and, facing it, turn right to spot the Demison Mercantile shop.

Now, head inside the shop and look for a bald man with a goatee admiring the art, as shown in the following image.

Starfield The Art Dealer mission starting point location

The man, of course, is Samson Cebrail, and you should start a conversation with him to learn he is an art dealer.

Samson is in New Atlantis with business, and he needs to deliver a piece of art to a client.

Since he doesn’t know the city that well, he asks you to pick up the artwork for him.

If you decide to accept, even if the whole deal is shady, you must go to The Well underground area of New Atlantis and pick up the artwork from Trade Authority’s Zoe, whom you’ve already met if you completed the Alternating Currents mission.

You will need to tell her that Samson Cebrail sent you, but first, you need to find the Trade Authority building and this Zoe.

Starfield Zoe Kaminski’s Location

As such, you must first get to The Well area, which is pretty easy to reach from your location.

Just take the elevator located in the alley between the Demison Mercantile shop and the cafe next door.

Also, it would be best if you track the mission from your menu so you can follow the blue marker to your destination.

After reaching The Well area, head forward as soon as you get off the elevator and keep an eye on the left side for a building with the Trade Authority sign, just like in the screenshot below.

The Trade Authority can be found in The Well area

Now, head inside the building and immediately turn left to see Zoe at her desk.

Zoe is found inside the Trade Authority building

Tell Zoe that Samson sent you, and she will give you the package after saying she was expecting you.

The problem is that Zoe will also say that she has corrected the ownership record for you, which, of course, means that the whole thing is illegal.

But now it’s too late to change your mind because even if you tell her that you are not comfortable with the deal, she won’t take the package back.

To continue, you must return to Samson Cebrail and give him the package.

It’s worth mentioning that the outcome of the mission doesn’t change no matter what you say to Samson, and you’ll be rewarded with 1000 credits and 100 XP at the end.

Nicely done, friend! You’ve done some smuggling and completed the Starfield Art Dealer misc mission. But plenty more missions are waiting for you to complete in New Atlantis, like Beautiful Secrets.

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