Starfield Beautiful Secrets: Where To Find Warner’s Lost Data Slate

September 4, 2023

Beautiful Secrets is a Starfield funny miscellaneous mission available in New Atlantis, the first big city you get to explore in the video game developed by Bethesda Game Studios.

The mission will have you help Warner, a troubled NPC who lost a Data Slate containing confidential information about many patients from where he works.

The problem is that you have to search for the Data Slate in all the locations Warner visited recently, and also, starting the mission in the first place can be tricky.

But no worries, though, because I have your back as always, and throughout the following walkthrough, I’ll provide instructions to help you find Warner’s Lost Data Slate and, eventually, complete the Starfield Beautiful Secrets mission.

How To Start the Beautiful Secrets Mission in Starfield

To start the mission, you must make your way to the Enhance! clinic in the Commercial District of New Atlantis.

Once you fast-travel to the Commercial District, go forward to get all the way to the other side of the nice lake and look to the left to see the clinic.

Then, speak with Warner, who is behind the clinic’s front desk, as shown in the next screenshot.

Starfield Beautiful Secrets mission starting point

The NPC will welcome you to the clinic and start advertising it by saying they can accommodate your every need.

He will also assure you that all their services and records are confidential and private.

Then, you will be presented with a couple of lines from which you can choose, but to start Beautiful Secrets, you must pick: I’m glad that you take patient confidentiality seriously. A breach of information could be a major problem for your business.

Hearing this, Warner eventually confesses to you how he lost a Data Slate containing confidential information of many patients.

This slip-up could cost Warner his business and reputation, so when he begs you to find the Slate, you’ll probably be inclined to accept.

As such, let’s help the poor man get the Data Slate back.

Warner’s Lost Data Slate Location

When you agree to help Warner, he will tell you that recently he has visited the following locations:

  • The nearby TerraBrew cafe
  • The Valberg building
  • The Whetstone restaurant

Now, if you don’t want to look for the Data Slate by yourself, you should go directly to the Whetstone restaurant.

You’ll find the said restaurant by going to the terrace above the Enhance! clinic.

So, head out of the clinic, go to the right, and start going up on the ramp to reach the entrance to the Whetstone restaurant.

The Whetstone restaurant is found above the Enhance! clinic

To continue, get inside the restaurant and look for the Enhance! Patient Files Data Slate on one of the tables on the left side.

The Enhance! Patient Files Lost Data Slate is found on one of the tables on the left side of the Whetstone restaurant

To complete the Starfield Beautiful Secrets mission, all you have to do is return to Warner and give him the Data Slate. He will thank you, and then you’ll get your rewards: 1000 credits and 100 XP. Now, you can focus on another New Atlantis mission, like Gem Jealousy.

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