Starfield Alternating Currents: Where To Find the Junction Boxes

September 2, 2023

Upon completing Tapping the Grid mission, you can start Starfield Alternating Currents and continue to help Louisa Reyez by going with her to confront the Trade Authority about the power drain.

In the Alternating Currents side mission, you and Louisa have to deal with Trade Authority’s Zoe, who apparently is very intimidating.

Then you have to find and power down more Junction Boxes, just like you did in Tapping the Grid.

Therefore, if you encounter any problems locating the Junction Boxes, don’t hesitate to check the following Starfield Alternating Currents walkthrough.

How To Start the Starfield Alternating Currents Mission

As mentioned, Alternating Currents becomes available after completing the previous mission from Louisa Reyez, Tapping the Grid, in The Well area.

When you are all set, you must go in front of the Trade Authority building and talk to Louisa Reyez, who is standing there.

Starfield Alternating Currents starting point

If you don’t remember how to reach The Well area and the Trade Authority, refer to our Tapping the Grid guide linked above.

Now, Louisa will ask you to go with her as she confronts Trade Authority’s Zoe, and of course, you will accept.

Thus, follow the NPC inside the building and listen to the conversation between her and Zoe Kaminski.

Louisa tells Zoe she has proof that the power drain is coming from the Trade Authority building.

Zoe is arrogant, and after hearing what Louisa had to say, she walks away, saying she will be right back.

Next, you must talk to Louisa, who is very nervous, and soon after, Zoe will come back.

However, Zoe returns with a different attitude and says she will assist in resolving the situation as it seems that someone has been using this location to route electrical power.

But Zoe claims it is not the Trade Authority, and now you should speak with both NPCs.

To continue, you have to find the next Junction Box while being guided by Louisa and Zoe from here.

Alternating Currents Junction Boxes Locations

The first Junction Box can be found on the upper level; thus, get out of the Trade Authority building and immediately go left, then head up the stairs, which you can shortly see to the left.

Proceed and go down the stairs near the green wall on the right side, then go to the right when it is possible.

As you continue, keep an eye on the left side, and you should soon see an Upper Level sign.

Now, go all the way up until you are at the same level as the mission’s blue marker.

Then, follow the marker to finally find the Junction Box, which you can reach by jumping over a hole, as shown in the next screenshot.

The first Junction Box is found next to a hole

Power down the Junction Box and stop for a little to hear how the two girls are arguing about where you should go next.

You now have two options, either listen to Zoe and go to the Junction Box on the same level as the previous one.

Or, you can listen to Louisa and head to the Box near Apex Electronics.

The outcome of the mission doesn’t really change, no matter what you choose, but you will hear different lines from the two NPCs.

If you want to please Zoe, follow the blue marker on the same level as the previous Junction Box.

Zoe’s Box is very close and easy to get to.

Zoe's Box is found on the same level as the previous one

For Louisa’s Box, you must head to the entrance of the Trade Authority and, facing the building, go up the stairs to the left.

When you reach the broken railing, head up the stairs to the left, ignore the door, and proceed.

You’ll soon go down some stairs, and right in front, you need to open the door to get to the Junction Box.

To continue, you must exit The Well area because the next Junction Box is located in the Residential District of New Atlantis.

Things get interesting because as soon as you reach the top side, Zoe will ask you to bring her whatever you find at the end of this path.

Zoe says that MAST will still get what it needs, but she suspects you will find some valuable information for which the Trade Authority will pay well.

But for now, you need to get to the Residential District, so open your map and fast-travel to The Lodge.

Then follow the blue marker to the Athena Tower building, where another Junction Box awaits.

The third Junction Box is located near the Athena Tower building

How To Locate the Power Drain’s Source

After powering down the Junction Box, you learn that the source is inside the residential tower.

Louisa remembers seeing a report about power problems on one of the upper floors; hence, you should go investigate.

Good, now head inside and take the elevator with the blue marker.

Then, continue following the blue marker to reach a locked door you can open using a Digipick.

If you don’t have one in your inventory, you must visit a vendor because most of them have Digipicks for sale.

Once inside, go to the laptop next to the whiteboard and interact with it.

The laptop is found next to a whiteboard

Next, download the files, and you will now be presented with two choices: either deliver the evidence to Louise or Zoe.

Should You Give the Evidence to Louise or Zoe in Starfield?

Also, if you read the laptop’s Recent Messages, you will learn that someone was stealing from GalBank, which will probably make your choice even harder.

Therefore, to continue, you must make your way back to the Trade Authority in The Well underground area, where Louise and Zoe are waiting.

Choose who should have the evidence: Zoe or Louise

It’s good to know that the rewards will be the same, whoever you choose.

However, you will either disappoint your new friend Louise or the Trade Authority’s Zoe.

After you have made your choice, listen to the conversation between Louise and Zoe, completing the Starfield Alternating Currents mission. But there are many more missions you can start in New Atlantis, and if you require assistance, make sure to check our Starfield Wiki.

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