Starfield Primary Sources: Where To Find Theresa, O’Shea, and Henrik

September 3, 2023

Theresa, O’Shea, and Henrik are NPCs you can find in The Well underground area of New Atlantis, which is the first major city you get to explore in Starfield.

For the Primary Sources mission in Starfield, you’ll have to help Nadia Muffaz, an employee at the Settled Systems News Network, by interviewing the three NPCs.

Nadia is working on an investigative piece about some of The Well’s businesses but can’t venture into the underground area because it’s too dangerous. However, you can do it for her and learn how things really are down there.

To help you with this task, I’ll provide the following Starfield Primary Sources walkthrough, from which you can learn where you can find the three NPCs.

How To Start Primary Sources Side Mission in Starfield

To make Primary Sources available, you need to give your first story to Nadia Muffaz as part of A Light in the Darkness mission, then let some time pass.

Next, you need to visit Nadia again at the SSNN headquarters in the Commercial District of New Atlantis.

As such, fast travel to the Commercial District, go up the ramp to the left, and turn around to see the SSNN building.

Now head inside and ask Nadia: What stories are you working on right now?

Starfield Primary Sources mission walkthrough

As mentioned, she will tell you about how she is working on a piece about The Well’s businesses but can’t go there herself.

Thus, you should offer to do the interviews for Nadia, and she will be grateful for your help.

Also, she will provide the names of the people you must interview:

  • Theresa Mason, which is the owner of Kay’s House
  • Nurse O’Shea at the Medbay
  • Henrik Zurik from Apex Electronics

To continue, I’ll talk about the location of each NPC mentioned above.

Theresa Mason Location in Starfield Primary Sources Mission

First, you must make your way to The Well underground area.

Therefore, fast travel to the New Atlantis spaceport and head forward until you get to the huge fountain.

Then, go in front of the Terrabrew coffee shop behind the fountain, and from there, head to the elevator in the small alley to the left.

Take the elevator to The Well, and once down, head forward until you can see some tables with chairs and the Kay’s House sign on the right side.

Head inside the place, and assuming you have the mission tracked, you will see Theresa Mason with a blue marker above her head, as shown in the image below.

Theresa Mason is found in Kay's House in The Well area

Now tell Theresa you are with the SSNN and would like to ask her some questions about her business.

She will tell you that business is steady, and because they don’t tolerate violence or disrespect, a lot of folks spend time there.

However, she is worried about a new group of customers who are watching the UC Surplus store closely.

Theresa has a bad feeling that the new customers are planning something, and you can offer to investigate further.

Doing so will start the Suspicious Activities mission, but for now, let’s get back to the interview.

Talking further with Theresa, you learn that her mom passed the place on to her when she retired.

Also, Theresa thinks that even if the UC government promised to clean The Well, there is still just as much crime and poverty as when she was a child.

Where To Find Nurse O’Shea

Good, to continue, head out of Theresa’s place and go through the corridor with the EXIT sign above it on the right side.

You should shortly see the Medbay on the left side, and just inside, you’ll find Nurse O’Shea.

Nurse O'Shea is located in The Well's Medbay

Upon talking to O’Shea, you learn that things are rough in the Medbay because she is the closest thing to a doctor the people here have, and she can’t treat everyone.

The past few weeks, in particular, were really bad because of an infection, and you can offer to help the Nurse with the situation, starting the Reliable Care mission.

But let’s get back to the Primary Sources mission and learn more about O’Shea, who was born in The Well and became a combat medic for the UC Navy.

However, she decided to return to The Well to put her skills to use for the people here, which is hard because the underground area is dangerous.

It appears the Nurse treats more injuries here than she did when she was a medic in the Navy.

Primary Sources Henrik Zuran Location

Finally, for the last interview, you’ll have to make your way to the Apex Electronics shop.

Hence, head out of the Medbay through the same door you came in and go right, through the corridor with the EXIT sign from before.

Then continue until you can see the Trade Authority building on the right side.

Now go toward the Trade Authority, and you’ll almost immediately see the Apex Electronics shop on the right side.

Open the orange door, enter the shop, and you’ll find Henrik Zuran behind the counter.

Henrik Zuran is found in the Apex Electronics shop in The Well area

When you tell Henrik that you are a reporter and want to take his interview, you’ll find out that he is not too happy about it, but he will still do it.

Henrik, who is the owner of Apex Electronics, will tell you that as long as the door is open, the shop is a success.

Also, he thinks life in The Well is a mess and doesn’t believe it will improve.

Good, these were the interviews; now you must return to Nadia Muffaz at SSNN and tell her what you’ve learned.

Congratulations, reporter! You’ve managed to complete the Starfield Primary Sources mission. However, you can always go to our Starfield Wiki hub for more guides, walkthroughs, tips, and tricks.

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