Starfield A Break at Dawn: How To Get the Ring From Hugo Fournier

by Vlad
September 2, 2023

Similar to Distilling Confidence, Starfield A Break at Dawn mission requires you to use your character’s Persuasion ability to solve a conflict between two NPCs who got into a fight over a ring.

A Break at Dawn mission in Starfield, as you can guess, can be completed in various ways; however, during your first playthrough, you’ll want to approach this situation diplomatically if you want to get the most out of Bethesda‘s latest video game.

Furthermore, at the end of the Starfield A Break at Dawn mission, you’ll get to make a choice regarding the ring you’ll obtain from Hugo Fournier. Even though it doesn’t affect the main story, it’s good to know what you’ll get in both cases.

As such, throughout the following Starfield A Break at Dawn walkthrough, I’ll tell you how to get Hugo Fournier’s ring and what happens if you decide to keep it instead of giving it to Sergeant Yumi.

How To Start A Break at Dawn Mission in Starfield

A Break at Dawn is the second mission you’ll get from Sergeant Yumi inside the New Atlantis UC Security Office.

This means you’ll be able to play it only after completing the Keeping the Peace side mission. Make sure you refer to our Starfield Keeping the Peace walkthrough if you don’t know where to find Sergeant Yumi or how to finish his first mission.

After completing Keeping the Peace, Sergeant Yumi will ask to see you again in the same office, and the game will prompt you when his second mission becomes available.

Therefore, you’ll want to return to the UC Security Office in the Spaceport area and speak to Yumi again.

Starfield A Break at Dawn starts when you talk to Sergeant Yumi after you complete Keeping the Peace mission.

When you approach Yumi, tell him you are looking for work, and he’ll let you know about a conflict at Dawn’s Roost.

According to Yumi, even though security handled the situation, one of the citizens involved in it accused the other one of stealing his wedding ring. The catch here is that the victim didn’t identify the thief, so Yumi wants you to find out what exactly happened at the Dawn’s Roost.

He suggests you start your investigation with Royce Elgin, the bartender at Dawn’s Roost. Let’s see how to tackle this mission.

Where To Find Royce at the Dawn’s Roost

Dawn’s Roost is a Starfield restaurant found in the New Atlantis Residential District. To get there, activate your Hand Scanner by pressing LB on your Xbox controller, then press RB to open the Surface Map. Select the Residential District icon and fast-travel to the area.

After the loading screen, turn around and look for a large building known as Pioneer Tower (pictured below). Cross the park in front of it, and you’ll see Royce in the lobby behind a counter.

Dawn’s Roost is a bar in the Residential District of New Atlantis.

Approach Royce Elgin and pick the “I’m here about a fight that happened at your restaurant” dialogue line.

According to Royce, the fight started between Hugo and Octavio, two of his regular customers. Now, tell Royce that you need to find one of the patrons involved, and he’ll tell you about Hugo, who excused himself when the security arrived. He’ll also tell you that Hugo is found in the Athena Tower.

Where To Find Hugo Fournier at Athena Tower

Luckily, Athena Tower is quite close to your current location. Make sure you are tracking the current mission, and exit the Dawn’s Roost. Cross the park in front of the restaurant and follow the alley ahead. You should be able to spot Athena Tower on the right side.

As you can see below, the building has a large billboard above the entrance.

Athena Tower is also found in the Residential District of New Atlantis.

Get inside, and you should be able to find Hugo Fournier in the lobby. When you talk to him, the first dialogue choices have the same outcome, more or less, mainly because Hugo tells you what exactly happened between him and Octavio.

If you want to play safe, pick the “Go on…finish your rant” so Hugo can blow out some steam, and then he’ll tell you about his five-year relationship with Octavio.

Next, ask him, “What happened at the Dawn’s Roost?” and he’ll tell you that an hour before his dinner with Octavio, he found a napkin in Octavio’s pants. On it was Royce’s phone number.

During the dinner, Hugo waited for Royce to bring the menu, and then he went off, blaming Octavio for cheating. Now, ask him if he was dating Octavio, and he’ll tell you that the two were engaged, and he has the ring to prove it.

Finally, tell Hugo that Octavio claims he stole the ring because if you ask him if he can patch things up, he’ll tell you he won’t do it.

Now, Hugo insists that the ring is his property, and you’ll need to make the first important decision from three possible dialogue options:

  • [Persuade] It’s still his property.
  • Agreed. There is no crime here. I’ll tell Sergeant Yumi you are free to go.
  • Let me think about this.

The first option here opens up the path to persuading Hugo. Basically, you’ll convince him to hand over the ring.

The second option means you agree to let him keep the ring, and you’ll tell Yumi everything about it. This option is the same as telling Yumi you didn’t find the ring.

Finally, the third option allows you to investigate Hugo’s claims by confronting Royce; however, regardless of what he tells you, the ring belongs to Octavio. It is not Hugo’s property despite the fact that he received it. So, the correct choice here is to get the ring by persuading Hugo.

How To Get the Ring From Hugo

Persuading Hugo is relatively easy and doesn’t require too much effort. If in doubt, pick the following options:

  • [Persuade] It’s still his property
  • + 3 Your gift is conditional. It’s only yours if you actually got married.
  • +4 Why would you want to keep something that reminds you of him.

If you pick these dialogue choices, Hugo reveals his true intentions, and you’ll discover his plan is to sell the ring.

Persuade Hugo to get the Engagement Ring.

Now that you got your hands on the engagement ring, it’s time to head back to Sergeant Yumi and decide what you will do with the piece of jewelry.

Should You Keep or Give the Ring to Yumi in Starfield?

After reaching Sergeant Yumi, you’ll first want to tell him that you finished your investigation at Dawn’s Roost.

Yumi will immediately ask if you managed to get the ring back, and you’ll have two choices:

  • [Give Ring] I did. Here you go
  • [Keep Ring] The Ring wasn’t stolen. It was gifted.
  • Still working on it.
starfield a break at dawn keep or give ring best choice - GameClubz

Now, if you wonder what is the best choice regarding the Starfield A Break at Dawn ring, you should know that both are valid and what you choose won’t affect the rewards you’ll receive.

The only difference is that if you decide to keep the ring, you’ll end up with 2500 Credits and a ring you can sell. In this case, Yumi will blame Hugo and Octavio for wasting the time of the UC security officers.

On the other hand, if you decide to play the good guy and give him the ring, he’ll congratulate you for doing it, but you’ll receive the same amount of Credits. However, you won’t be able to sell the ring.

Regardless of what you pick, the A Break at Dawn mission ends, so feel free to check our Starfield Wiki hub for more guides, walkthroughs, tips, and tricks.

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  1. For the mission: A Break at Dawn, if you choose to let Hugo keep the ring (because it was a lover’s spat) you can tell Sergeant Yumi that there was no crime and you let Hugo keep the ring. I received 4300 credits for the mission making this decision. Just a thought 🙂

  2. 2500 cr. Let hugo keep the ring or not ( i did both ways ) and 100 xp as a reward from sgt. Yumi. The ring well if there is an specific place to sell it for a good amount, go for it otherwise i went to the trader on the well and she offer 90 cr. Waste of time.

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