Starfield Distilling Confidence: How to Access Secure Storage

by Vlad
September 2, 2023

Bethesda’s Starfield is a video game that offers unlimited options to tackle the NPCs you meet while exploring its massive world, allowing you to complete missions peacefully or using brute force. One of these missions is Distilling Confidence, available in the New Atlantis city you’ll get to visit early in the game.

Starfield Distilling Confidence is a short and very accessible fetch mission that requires you to access a Secure Storage and obtain a package for Nyssa, the local bartender.

The Distilling Confidence mission in Starfield, however, allows you to experiment with the Persuasion option since, to access the Secure Storage, you need to get past Emin Macar, who is guarding the room.

While using brute force is a valid option, during your first playthrough, you’ll want to play smart, mainly because if you kill Emin, you may lock yourself out from other side missions that could become available as you progress through the story.

Therefore, in the following Starfield Distilling Confidence walkthrough, we’ll discuss the best dialogue options you should use to convince Emin Macar to open the Secure Storage door.

How To Start Distilling Confidence Mission in Starfield

Starfield Distilling Confidence mission becomes available early in the game, immediately after you land in New Atlantis and meet Sarah Morgan, the Chair of Constellation.

As you explore the city working on other side missions, you’ll be prompted to meet the Viewport bartender. Or Nyssa.

When this objective becomes available in your list of activities, make sure you focus on it and head back to the Landing Zone via the fast-travel system. Simply press LB followed by RB, then select the New Atlantis (Explored) icon.

Now, move down the ramp towards the city, and on the left side, you should be able to spot The Viewport bar in the following screenshot. Inside, you can spot Nyssa, the NPC you must approach to start the Distilling Confidence mission.

Starfield Distilling Confidence mission starts by talking to Nyssa inside the Viewport Bar.

Nyssa Marcano is a friendly NPC who will be thrilled to meet you, but she also has a task for you. When you first talk to her, feel free to introduce yourself however you see fit. For example, you can pick the “I didn’t think it was that obvious” option when she asks you if you are new in town,

Next, Nyssa will ask you if you’d like something to drink; thus, you’ll be able to access her inventory; however, if you skip the drinks and pick the “Business seems to be booming for you”, you’ll give her the chance to explain that she is working on a new drink that will make her place famous galaxy-wide.

This dialogue choice allows you to trigger the Distilling Confidence mission, so make sure you pick “Well, I have to give this a try” next to allow Nyssa to reveal that she needs your help.

Specifically, she wants you to retrieve one of the drink’s ingredients because the hauler she hired was also hired by other folks to carry illegal cargo. Eventually, the hauler was caught, and the whole lot (including Nyssa’s ingredient) was impounded. After Nyssa explains what happened, you can continue asking other questions, but if you want to accept the side mission, pick the following lines:

  • You should go talk to Security, see if you can get what’s yours.
  • It sure sounds like you need a helping hand.
  • I am here for you. I’ll do whatever I can.

After picking these Nyssa dialogue choices, you’ll trigger the Distilling Confidence side-mission, but pay attention when Nyssa tells you she is not expecting you to go in guns blazing. This means she wants you to get your hands on her ingredient peacefully. Tell her not to worry, leave The Viewport, and return to your ship.

How to Access Secure Storage in Starfield

After reaching your ship, look around, and you should be able to spot the Secure Storage hangar near the landing pad (pictured below).

The Starfield Secure Storage hangar is near your ship.

Get close to the hangar, and you’ll get the chance to meet Emin Macar. Now, you have two options.

The first one is to pull out your gun and get rid of Emin, thus being able to access the Secure Storage; however, as mentioned, it is best to solve this problem peacefully, just like Nyssa asked you to do.

This requires you to persuade Emin Macar and convince him to open the Secure Storage door for you.

To do this, make sure you pick the following dialogue choices the moment you start talking to Emin:

  • [Persuade] You got some cargo that was impounded. I need access to it.
  • +2 – Nobody else needs to know about this.
  • +3 – I know you have to keep some people out. I admire someone who respects rules.

If you pick these lines, you’ll convince Emin to open the Secure Storage locked door without using force.

Next, head inside and look around for a yellow crate (also pictured below).

Persuade Emin to open the Secure Storage door.

Inside the Cargo Container, you’ll find the Package for Nyssa and Credits. Loot everything, then head back to Nyssa Marcano.

Tell her you have a present for her and that no one died when you tried to get the package. Nyssa will be thrilled that you helped her, and she’ll reward you with 2000 Credits and a Supernova.

Now, feel free to have a drink and celebrate with her, or check our Starfield Wiki for more guides, tips, tricks, and walkthroughs.

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  1. Another solution if you mess up the Persuasion test: Opposite the card reader is a computer terminal. Wait until Emin is busy working and has his back to you then hack it with a digipick and open the door.

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