Starfield Keeping the Peace: Where To Find the Package

September 1, 2023

Soon after starting your adventure in Starfield, you’ll reach New Atlantis, the first large city you can explore.

Many NPCs need your help in the city, among which Sergeant Yumi, who wants to hire you as a part-time security officer as part of Keeping the Peace mission.

Since this can get you a quick buck, you might be tempted to hear the Sergeant and maybe accept his offer.

Keeping the Peace is a pretty simple delivery quest that involves a package you need to pick up and then take to Sergeant Yumi.

To quickly complete the side-mission, make sure to check the Starfield Keeping the Peace walkthrough below.

How To Start Keeping the Peace Mission in Starfield

Before starting Keeping the Peace mission in Starfield, you need to complete the One Small Step main mission, where you meet Sarah Morgan for the first time.

Then, you need to make your way to the UC Security Office, which is located in the New Atlantis Spaceport area, where you’ve landed with your ship.

You can actually start from your ship and head forward toward the city.

You should be able to see the Security Office door to the right after going up the ramp leading to the city. It says UC right above the door, making it hard to miss.

Good, now head inside and talk to Yumi, who is standing behind the counter on the right side.

Starfield Keeping the Peace mission starting location

The Sergeant will offer you a part-time job if you are interested, which has its benefits, like the fact that you can work whenever you are available.

After answering a couple of questions, you’ll learn about your first assignment.

You need to go to MAST and talk to Agent Plato at Aegis. He will give you the rest of the details.

Keeping the Peace Agent Plato’s Location

To get to Plato, you must first fast-travel to the Mast District, which you can easily do with the help of the New Atlantis map.

Once you arrive in the area, turn around and head toward the train down the ramp.

When you reach the train, turn right and go forward until you hit the wall.

Now turn right again to spot an elevator, which you must use to get to Defense Research / Health and Human / Aegis.

When the elevator door opens, get out and go through the entrance to the right, which says Intelligence Network.

Then, you can turn left to see Agent Plato in his office, and to continue, you must talk to him.

Agent Plato is located in his office in Aegis, in the Mast District

Plato will tell you about a dead drop that was probably compromised, and he wants you to handle the pickup instead. Then, you must take the package to Sergeant Yumi.

Where To Find the Package in Keeping the Peace

Plato also says that you can quickly find the package if you take the NAT train to the Spaceport.

When you get there, you’ll find a GalBank ATM right next to the station. You should find the package under a bench there.

As such, end your discussion with Plato, take the elevator back down, go to the train, and select the Spaceport area.

Then, turn right immediately after getting off the train, and you can see the location Plato was talking about.

The package is found under a bench next to the NAT station in the Spaceport area

Now, all that is left to do is return to Sergeant Yumi in the UC Security Office and give him the package.

Luckily, the Security Office is close to the train station; just follow the mission’s blue marker.

Yumi will congratulate you on a job well done, pay you, and tell you that he’ll let you know if he has more work for you. His second mission is named A Break at Dawn, and it involves several important choices.

In the meantime, you can complete other missions available in New Atlantis, and if you need help, don’t hesitate to check our Starfield Wiki.

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