Thymesia Sea Of Trees Odur’s Construction Notebook Location Guide

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August 16, 2022

Thymesia Sea of Trees Find Odur’s Construction Notebook is an optional objective that becomes available to complete after you defeat your first boss, Odur, and receive his core.

After you start the Find Odur’s Construction Notebook mission, you will notice the map layout is changed, with a different spawning point and with new areas unlocked.

So, in the following guide, we will show you step by step where you can find and collect Odur’s Construction Notebook in Thymesia as quickly as possible.

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Where To Find Odur’s Construction Notebook In Thymesia Sea Of Trees

Start the Sea of Trees Sub Quest 2 Find Odur’s Construction Notebook mission, activate the nearby beacon, and tweak your loadout by leveling up if you have enough shards and picking up talents.

Following the path will lead you into a toxic gas from a cyst located a floor above, so you can’t blow it up first.

Instead, lure enemies to you as many as possible using the throwable feathers to fight one at a time because this area features a lot of enemies that can overwhelm you quickly, as in the image below.

Where To Find Odur's Construction Notebook In Thymesia Sea Of Trees

Once you clear the area, follow the path up the stairs, climb the ladder after you deal with the spear-wielding enemy at the bottom, then keep following the path again until you face the first spear-wielding mini-boss.

After you defeat him, follow the path to the right, down the stairs, take out the corrupted spear-wielding enemy, collect the nearby Sea of Trees Story Experience of a Hopeless Builder 01 (check this in-depth guide to find all of them), and keep going up the stairs again, dealing with the handaxe-wielding enemy along the way.

Go through the wooden structure, where you will encounter a corrupted knife-wielding enemy, then keep following the path until you reach a wooden bridge.

Before crossing the bridge, to the left, there is a ladder that takes you down to a metal door which is a shortcut to reach this area if you die and start over.

Where To Find Odur's Construction Notebook In Thymesia

Now, cross the bridge and get ready to fight against a couple of enemies and a twin swords-wielding mini-boss you need to kill to progress further and find Thymesia Odur’s Construction Notebook.

After you defeat him, you will receive an Alchemy Enhancer to upgrade your potions and the Key to Sea of Trees Market.

Go inside the building with the poster on it, take down the ladder immediately on the left, and take another ladder down to reach the bottom, where you will find the second beacon.

Activate and rest at the beacon, then open the nearby metal door, follow the path to open a second metal door, then cross the bridge to fight against a katar-wielding mini-boss.

Once you kill the mini-boss, go inside the building, deal with the handaxe-wielding enemy at the entrance, turn left and go up the stairs to the next floor.

By the end of the hallway, there is another set of stairs covered in toxic gas from one of the cysts.

Where To Find Sea Of Trees Odur's Construction Notebook In Thymesia

Use the dodge mechanic to dash through the toxic mist up the stairs, then turn right to reach a safe spot to recover from gas.

Keep going up the stairs and use the safe spots to recover from the gas until you find the cyst at the top, where you can blow it up to stop it from spreading the plague.

Now, go back down the stairs to the first safe spot and turn right to find a narrow storage area guarded by a spear-wielding enemy and a shield-wielding enemy.

In the far end corner, you can examine the mission goal, Sea of Trees Odur’s Construction Notebook, which is also one of the 94 stories available to collect.

Where To Find Sea Of Trees Odur's Construction Notebook

After you examine the Odur’s Construction Notebook, the recall will be completed, and Aisemy will appear nearby in spectral form to take you back to the Philospher’s Hill.

And that’s how you find Odur’s Construction Notebook in the action-RPG video game developed by OverBorder Studio. Don’t forget to leave your questions or suggestions in the comments below.

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