Atlas Fallen Caladrias Forbidden Lands Watchtower Location

August 12, 2023

The Atlas Fallen Watchtower in Caladrias Forbidden Lands is a mandatory activity, assuming you want to achieve 100% completion in the first region of the video game published by Focus Entertainment.

Atlas Fallen Caladrias Forbidden Lands Watchtower will also get you a step closer to unlocking the Clear Sight Trophy/Achievement.

However, as you’ve probably just started the game, you might need help completing this activity.

As such, check the guide below if you want to learn where to find and how to clear the Atlas Fallen Caladrias: Forbidden Lands Watchtower.

Where To Find Caladrias Forbidden Lands Watchtower in Atlas Fallen

You can complete the Caladrias Forbidden Lands Watchtower activity as soon as you reach the region, provided you are strong enough.

Thus, you need some upgrades for the gauntlet and armour before venturing to the Watchtower because when you get there, you need to fight a couple of wraiths, including an Elite Foe.

It would be best that you also start A Swamp Hunt errand, which is basically a tutorial on how to clear Watchtowers, and this way, you get two birds with one stone.

To continue, you should check the following Atlas Fallen map, where I’ve marked the exact location of the only Watchtower in the region.

Atlas Fallen Caladrias Forbidden Lands Watchtower location map

As you can see, the activity can be completed all the way on the south side of the region.

Luckily, there is an Anvil nearby the Watchtower you can use to fast travel, assuming you have unlocked it in a prior visit to the area.

To learn the locations of all Caladrias Forbidden Lands Anvils, refer to our guide here.

Now head to the spot pinpointed on our map, and when you get there, you should be able to see the tower, as it is hard to miss because of its size, like in the next image.

Look for the huge tower which is hard to miss

Furthermore, let’s see what precisely you need to do to complete the activity.

How to Clear Caladrias Forbidden Lands Watchtower in Atlas Fallen

After you can see the huge tower, you need to go under it, look for the wraiths there and slay all of them.

The problem is that just when you get rid of the last wraith and think you’re done, one of the Caladrias Forbidden Lands Elite Foes will appear.

The beast is named Scrimmur, and even though it can be difficult, you must take him down.

Defeat Scrimmur the Elite Foe to clear the Watchtower

You should be fine if you have done some upgrades to your arsenal. Also, dodge his attacks when the situation demands it.

The battle can last for a while as the Elite lesser wraith is a little tanky.

Now slay the Scrimmur to complete the activity and clear the haze around.

Note that new activities and landmarks will appear in the area once the haze is gone.

Fantastic job, friend! You’ve handled yourself well and completed Atlas Fallen Caladrias Forbidden Lands Watchtower activity. However, you can now focus on the Vantage Points in the same region, and you can start with the one near the tower you’ve just cleared.

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