Atlas Fallen Food for the People: Where To Find Fiery Leaves and Nook Shrooms

August 10, 2023

Atlas Fallen Food for the People is a side-quest you can complete in the Caladrias: Forbidden Lands region if you want to get some Essence Dust and a Straw Cover.

Food for People requires you to help Appleseed with a couple of tasks. Appleseed is a troubled NPC whose job is to gather food for the village.

But note that the quest can be difficult if you don’t know how to defeat some specific enemies and where to look for certain plants.

As such, it would be best to check our following walkthrough and make sure you complete Atlas Fallen Food for People side-quest quickly.

How To Start Food for the People Quest in Atlas Fallen

To start the quest, all you have to do is reach the Outskirts Forest area in the Caladrias: Forbidden Lands region and find Appleseed.

You can check our map below for the exact location of the quest giver.

Atlas Fallen Food for the People side-quest location map

Now talk to the NPC, who will explain how it is her job to gather food for the village, but some wraiths are getting in the way.

You look like the hero that saves the day type; thus, you might want to help the poor woman.

Where To Find the Wraiths in Atlas Fallen

Your first objective is to defeat the wraiths that don’t let Appleseed do her job.

The foes are located west of the NPC, as shown on the following map.

Look for the wraiths west of Appleseed

However, be prepared for some intense aerial fighting because it will be required to slay these wraiths.

You’ll have to fight two Stingers and two Divers for the quest.

As you can see, the Stingers can fly but are pretty easy to take down if you jump and hit them a couple of times.

As for the Divers, the only way to kill them is to smash their heads, which will require a lot of hits.

But I’m sure you’ll eventually defeat all the mobs, and when you’re done, collect everything they’ve dropped and get the nearby chest in the open for some extra loot.

Note that you can’t open the chest if you didn’t clear the mobs first.

Now you must head back and report to Appleseed, who is not done with you yet.

The NPC will also ask if you can gather some plants for her:

  • Two Fiery Leaves
  • Two Nook Shrooms

Where To Find Fiery Leaves and Nook Shrooms in Atlas Fallen

If you listen to Appleseed, she will actually explain where you can find the plants.

The Fiery Leaves are found under the scorching sun of the desert, and the Nook Shrooms are found inside caves.

So first, start running around the desert and closely look for red flowers with green leaves on the ground.

Collect two red flowers with green leaves that can be found under the scorching sun of the desert

They basically spawn all over the desert in the sun, and as you can see in the image above, they stand out, making them easy to spot.

As for the Shrooms, they are blue, and you need to carefully explore caves until you find at least two.

Collect two blue Shrooms that can be found in caves

The Nook Shrooms are also easy to spot, and you can find some in the nearby Outskirts Bandit Cave, west of the Castrum VII settlement.

The Cave is quite big, and it’s impossible to miss; just head west of the settlement on the north side of the region.

It’s worth mentioning that there is a big chance you already have the plants in your inventory because you can collect them before starting the side-quest, and if you do, you don’t need to gather any new ones.

Once you have the plants, return to Appleseed, and give them to her to complete Atlas Fallen Food for the People. However, there is plenty more to do in the video game developed by Deck13 Interactive, and don’t hesitate to check our Wiki Hub here if you need help.

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