Atlas Fallen The Great View Treasure Map: Where To Find the Hidden Chest

by Vlad
August 13, 2023

Atlas Fallen, The Great View Treasure Map, is one of the maps you can obtain in the Caladrias Forbidden Lands region of the video game published by Focus Entertainment, but it requires some extra effort because it’s made of three pieces.

The Atlas Fallen The Great View Map pieces are found in various locations and can be acquired by completing specific tasks.

Because The Great View Treasure Map pieces are not so easy to find, in the following Atlas Fallen guide, I’ll tell you where to find them and how to solve the associated puzzle, which will eventually lead you to a new hidden treasure chest.

Atlas Fallen The Great View Treasure Map Pieces Locations

Unlike A Hole In The Desert Treasure Map, which we covered as part of our Atlas Fallen Wiki, The Great View requires three pieces. Once you obtain them, you can put them together and form the final map, revealing a new drawing and a riddle.

Our Atlas Fallen map below shows where to find the three Great View Treasure Map fragments; however, the first one, as I’ll explain below, can also be obtained from other locations.

Atlas Fallen The Great View Treasure Map Pieces are scattered throughout the Forbidden Lands area.

Now, following the same order as the one on the map above, let’s see where to find all pieces to complete the Treasure Map.

The Great View Treasure Map Piece #1: Sold by the Travelling Vendor

The first Great View Treasure Map Piece in Atlas Fallen is relatively easy to find and has multiple locations. The piece is sold by the travelling vendor who relocates as you explore the Forbidden Lands area.

On the map above, you can see his first location or the location where you’ll first meet him in the game.

Talk to the travelling vendor and buy the first piece for 250 Tributes. If you don’t have enough funds, sell some of the artifacts you collect through exploration.

the first Atlas Fallen The Great View Treasure Map Piece is sold by the travelling vendor.

Great View Treasure Map Part #2: Reward for Completing a Wildlife Habitat Activity

The second piece of The Great View Treasure Map requires you to complete a Wildlife Habitat activity at the second location marked on my map above.

After you cross the ravine, follow the wooden bridge leading to Castrum VII village, and you’ll eventually spot a large stag. Maintain a safe distance from the creature and follow it slowly. Eventually, you’ll see the stag starting to glow.

Keep following the stag, and it will lead you to a secret treasure containing the second map.

The second map piece is found by completing a Wildlife Habitat Activity

Great View Treasure Map Fragment #3: Reward for Completing a Second Wildlife Habitat Activity

The third and final piece for the Atlas Fallen Great View Treasure Map requires you to complete a second Wildlife Habitat activity on top of the mountain west of Castrum VII.

Climb the wooden platform south of the location marked on the map above, then look around for another stag and follow it until it starts glowing.

The creature will lead you to another hidden treasure near a ruined wall. Loot it to get the third piece.

For the Great View Treasure Map Piece in Atlas Fallen complete the northern Wildlife Habitat Activity

Now that you have all three pieces, The Great View Map is complete, so it’s time to find the hidden chest.

Where To Find The Great View Treasure Chest in Atlas Fallen

To find The Great View Treasure Chest in Atlas Fallen, access the game’s menu and navigate to the Journey Tab.

Next, select the Treasure Map and The Great View from the list. You should be able to spot an image showing some ruins. The associated riddle reads:

“Ruins are in sight. A flagpole above. It lies hidden deep in the stone.”

If you don’t know where the location depicted in the picture is, then open your map and notice the chest I have marked below.

The Great View Treasure Chest is found north of North Entrance Shattered Keep Anvil

As you can see, the hidden chest is found north of Shattered Keep Nort Entrance Anvil. Travel to the anvil’s location and look north to spot the flagpole in the screenshot below.

To get to it, however, you need to raise the ruined tower in the cave nearby (also marked below).

The flagpole where the chest is waiting is on the mountain

After you raise the said structure, jump through the hole in the mountain’s wall, and you’ll see a glowing patch of sand on the ground. Press Up on your Dpad to uncover the hidden chest and claim Formula VII.

Now that you have finished the Atlas Fallen The Great View Treasure Hunt don’t forget to visit our Wiki Hub to collect the remaining treasures before leaving the first region in the game.

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