Atlas Fallen A Lost Soul: Where To Find Walker

by Vlad
August 13, 2023

Atlas Fallen A Lost Soul is one of the side quests you can complete after reaching Castrum VII in the Caladrias Forbidden Lands region of the latest video game published by Focus Entertainment, and it requires you to find a missing NPC named Walker.

As with most quests we’ve covered as part of our complete Atlas Fallen Wiki, A Lost Soul can be easily missed unless you pay attention to the NPCs you meet.

Furthermore, this side-quest won’t be available from the start, which means that you need to constantly visit Castrum VII and check on the villagers as you progress through the story.

Last but not least, once you start the Atlas Fallen Lost Soul side quest, you have to know where to find Walker; thus, in the following walkthrough, I’ll tell you everything you need to know about this task.

How To Start the Atlas Fallen Lost Soul Side Quest

To be able to play A Lost Soul in Atlas Fallen, first, you must reach Castrum VII, which is the main village in the Forbidden Lands area.

If you don’t know where to find Castrum VII, consider visiting our Path to Bastengar Settlement location guide.

After finding the village, you must complete the first part of the Reforging The Gauntlet main quest by finding the three Enhanced Air Dash Shards revealed here.

Next, you must upgrade your gauntlet to use Air Dash twice, and finally, head back to Castrum VII to look for the Worried Mother.

The Worried Mother is the NPC looking for his son, and you’ll find her behind Arif’s location or the wooden podium near the city gate.

You can see the NPC in the screenshot below.

Atlas Fallen A Lost Soul is triggered by talking to the Worried Mother in Castrum VII.

When talking to the Worried Mother, she’ll tell you that her son went missing and she wants you to find him. As the mother explains, he is a thin young man with blonde hair.

Where To Find Traces of Walker Around Watchtower

After you start the Atlas Fallen A Lost Soul side-quest, you have two options. The first option lets you discover what happened to Walker by finding his traces. The second option, on the other hand, is faster, and it allows you to head straight to the missing NPC’s location.

Regardless, the rewards you’ll receive are the same even if you skip a step. So, for the sake of the walkthrough, first, we’ll go to Walker’s last known location.

Assuming you unlocked all Atlas Fallen Forbidden Lands Anvils, use the Anvil in Castrum VII and fast-travel to Moose Pond Anvil, north of the search area pictured below.

To find Walker's Traces check the search area south of Moose Pond Anvil.

After arriving at the marked location, prepare to deal with a Diver first.

Make sure you dispatch the snake-like wraith, then open your map and head to the northwestern edge of the search area, looking for a broken cart.

As you can see below, the cart is quite large, so it’s impossible to miss. Next to the cart, you’ll see a golden journal.

Pick up the Golden Journal near the broken cart

Once you pick up the journal, your objective changes, and you’ll need to find Walker.

Where To Find Walker in Atlas Fallen A Lost Soul

To continue the quest, open your map again, and you’ll notice that the search area changed. The new one is notably bigger, but you can save time if you head to the location on the map below.

Walker is found west of Moose Pond Anvil

As you enter the search area, you’ll notice that it features a large cave on the northern side. Look around for a platform you can raise to access the upper section.

Now head towards the cave, and you’ll spot a small camp on the left side by the entrance. Check the camp to find Walker’s body.

Walker's body sits on the left side of the cave's entrance.

Make sure you interact with the body of the NPC to get Walker’s Amulet, then head back to the Worried Mother in Castrum VII.

When talking to her, she’ll ask you what happened to her son, and you’ll have two dialogue choices:

  • The truth is…he is dead
  • (Lie) He is alive

What you choose here won’t affect the rewards you’ll receive or the story’s outcome. Furthermore, you won’t miss anything if you tell her the truth or lie. Pick what you consider best to finish the Lost Soul quest in Atlas Fallen and get your hands on Formula VI.

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