Diablo IV Daughter of the Oak: Where To Find Root Cutting in Underroot

by Vlad
June 19, 2023

Diablo 4 Daughter of the Oak is one of the three Act 2 side-quests that you won’t be able to start when you first visit the Scosglen region of the Sanctuary in the latest hack and slash video game developed by Blizzard Entertainment for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

That’s because the Daughter of the Oak quest in Diablo 4 requires you to progress the story of the second act up to the point when you get to rebuild the town of Cerrigar.

The Daughter of the Oak is a fetch quest that revolves around a quest item known as Root Cutting, and the following Diablo 4 walkthrough explains where to look for it in the Underroot Dungeon.

How To Start the Daughter of the Oak Quest in Diablo 4

Similar to Blood of Brigands and The Fledgling Merchant, Diablo 4 Daughter of the Oak becomes available only after you finish As The World Burns main quest and face Astaroth.

As The World Burns is the final main quest of the second Diablo 4 act, and it is mandatory for unlocking the Daughter of the Oak.

After you defeat Astaroth, the town of Cerrigar must be rebuilt, and Vasily’s Tree also needs your help, so head to the northern side of the city and find Albard at the location marked below.

Diablo 4 Daughter of the Oak becomes available in Cerrigar after As The World Burns main quest.

You should be able to spot Albard by the large Oak he is taking care of. When talking to the NPC, he’ll tell you that Vasily’s Tree is dying judging by the color of its bark.

To help the tree, Albard needs a piece of Root Cutting from the Great Oak of Tur Dulra. Let’s see where to find it.

Where To Find the Diablo 4 Root Cutting

The Root Cutting in Diablo 4 is a quest item found exclusively in the Undertoot Dungeon while playing the Daughter of the Oak side-quest.

This means that after you start the associated side-quest, you’ll want to open your map, where you should see the location of the Underoot Dungeon on the western coast of Scosglen. Specifically, under the Tur Dulra village, you most likely discovered.

Travel to Tur Dulra Waypoint and enter the Underroot Dungeon, which, as you probably know, is randomly generated.

While we can’t pinpoint the exact location of the Root Cutting since the dungeon’s design changes, it is worth knowing that you are looking for a large root that will glow when you are close to it.

Diablo 4 Root Cutting is a quest item found in the Underroot Dungeon.

Furthermore, as you can see above, when you get near the Diablo IV Root Cutting, you should be able to see a blue marker on your minimap.

After interacting with the Clean Roots, you must return to Albard in Cerrigar, so feel free to use the Cerrigar Waypoint to exit the dungeon.

Give the Root Cutting to Albard, and he’ll graft it into the dying tree.

For saving Vasily’s Tree and completing the Diablo 4 Daughter of the Oak quest, you’ll receive a Murmuring Cache alongside the usual XP, Gold, and Scosglen Renown Points.

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