Diablo IV Blood of Brigands: Where To Find Bandits

June 19, 2023

Diablo 4 Blood of Brigands is an accessible side-quest you can complete in Scosglen, the second region in the video game released by Blizzard Entertainment on June 6, 2023.

Blood of Brigands, however, is a bit difficult to find, and as you are about to see, even though the quest-giver is a Cerrigar resident, you won’t be able to start this quest early in Act 2.

Because Diablo IV Blood of Brigands counts as one of the 47 Scosglen side-quests you must finish in the northern region of the Sanctuary, throughout the following walkthrough, we’ll discuss its location, how to start it and where to find the Bandits you have to slay.

How To Start the Blood of Brigands Quest in Diablo 4

As mentioned, Blood of Brigands is a side quest you can start in the large town of Cerrigar by talking to an NPC named Bryce.

You’ll find him at the location marked on the map below, very close to the Jeweler, near the Missing Persons Board.

Diablo 4 Blood of Brigands becomes available in Cerrigar.

The trick is that Blood of Brigands has a specific requirement involving the main quests in Act 2. Specifically, for Bryce to be available, you must complete all main quests in the second act of the video game.

This means that you won’t be able to see this quest on your map before finishing As The World Burns. It is also worth knowing that Blood of Brigands is one of the three Cerrigar side-quests that require you to complete the Act 2 questline. The other two are Daughter of the Oak and The Fledgling Merchant.

So after you complete As The World Burns, find Bryce and ask him if you can help him rebuild Cerrigar.

The NPC tells you that your skills are better used in fighting, and since he wants to visit his sister, he would like you to deal with the Bandits roaming around the road to Braestaig.

Where To Find Bandits in Diablo 4

After starting the quest, open your map, and you’ll see the search area you’ll have to reach to be able to slay 50 Bandits for the Blood of Brigands side-quest.

The said area is just northwest of Cerrigar, and when you get close to it, you’ll spot many red dots marking your targets’ locations.

To find the bandits check the are northwest of Cerrigar.

For this quest, you must kill Outlaws, Clifflurkers, Bloodletters, and Corpswinders. All of them are very accessible, even if you play on higher difficulty levels.

Once you get the required number of kills, head back to Cerrigar and find Bryce, who will reward you with an Ore Cache.

After finishing the Blood of Brigands in Diablo 4, consider checking our Scosglen hidden quests locations guide if you need help finding the quests that do not appear on your map.

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