Diablo IV Exorcist’s Cache: Where To Find Undead Spirit Anima

by Vlad
June 5, 2023

Diablo IV Exorcist’s Cache is an Act 1 side-quest you can complete in the Fractured Peaks region of the Sanctuary, provided you find the Sealed Exorcist’s Cache, a quest item that allows your Nephalem to gather and store Spirit Anima from the Undead.

The Exorcist’s Cache quest in Diablo 4 can be easily missed if you rush through the game avoiding fights; thus, it’s important to know where to find the Sealed Cache, especially if you want to complete all Fractured Peaks side quests in the video game’s published by Blizzard Entertainment.

Upon finding the Sealed Exorcist’s Cache in Diablo 4, you must fill it with Undead Spirit Anima, and throughout the following walkthrough, we’ll go over this side quest, its rewards, and all objectives you must complete.

How To Start the Exorcist’s Cache Quest in Diablo IV

To start the Exorcist’s Cache side quest in D4, first, you’ll have to reach the Fractured Peaks hub city known as Kyovashad and complete the game’s Prologue.

After you finish the Prologue, you’ll unlock a plethora of side-quests, including the Exorcist’s Cache; however, this side-quest won’t appear on your map because you need a quest item known as the Sealed Exorcist’s Cache.

The Sealed Cache is dropped by killing enemies east of Kovyashad, so it’s best to approach the Exorcist’s Cache side-quest while working on other quests, such as The Sealed Door.

Obviously, you can also focus on this specific side quest, and to find the Cache, you’ll want to exit Kovyashad through the eastern gate.

Diablo 4 Exorcist’s Cache requires you to find the Sealed Exorcist’s Cache by killing enemies in Frigid Expanse.

Once you enter the Frigid Expanse, head to the location marked on our map above, and make sure you kill all mobs you encounter—specifically the Ice Clan Maulers and Ice Clan Marauders.

As you deal with them, pay attention to the items they drop because one will be the Sealed Exorcist’s Cache pictured below.

Kill Ice Clan Maulers and Ice Clam Marauders to get the Sealed Exorcist’s Cache

As you can guess, the location of the Sealed Exorcist’s Cache is random; however, the drop rate is high, so you’ll get your hands on this quest item quite fast, as long as you don’t avoid fighting the enemies in the Frigid Expanse.

After you find the Sealed Cache, pick it up, and you’ll start the Diablo IV Exorcist’s Cache side quest. Let’s see how to complete it.

How to Gahter Spirit Anima From the Undead in Diablo 4

To fill the Sealed Exorcist’s Cache and complete the associated quest, you must gather Spirit Anima, which is dropped by Undead enemies.

While tracking the quest in your journal, open your map and notice the highlighted area northeast of Kovyashad in the Drigid Expanse.

Within its borders, you’ll notice multiple red dots representing Undead Enemies.

To fill the Sealed Exorcist’s Cache in D4, kill the Undead Enemies marked on your map by red dots.

Your objective is to dispatch all of them and gather the glowing blue orbs; some of them drop to the ground. Most of these enemies are Phantoms, Wraiths, and Grave Wraiths.

It is worth knowing that the Spirit Anima you may miss also appears on your minimap, represented by blue dots similar to the red ones that mark your targets.

Kill Phantoms, Wraiths, and Grave Wraiths until the red bar is filled.

As you gather Spirit Anima, you’ll fill the bar on the right side of the screen, and when it’s full, the Sealed Cache opens up, and the side quest ends.

Once you complete the Exorcist’s Cache side-quest in Diablo IV, you’ll receive 20 Fractured Peaks Renown, Gold, and XP, and you’ll be able to open the Cache from your inventory, claiming the random rewards and the 20 Murmuring Obols.

Last but not least, you’ll be one step closer to completing all 35 Diablo IV Fractured Peaks side-quests available in the game.

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