Diablo IV Fractured Peaks All Side Quests Locations

June 3, 2023

Diablo 4 Fractured Peaks region features 35 different side quests, offering a welcome diversion from the main storyline, unveiling hidden depths and untold tales.

Each side quest presents a unique challenge intertwined with lore that expands the Diablo universe, which introduces players to intriguing characters and mysterious artifacts.

Also, for each completed side quest, you will be rewarded with 20 Renown points for the Fractured Peaks region and different rewards.

Therefore, in the following guide, we will provide you with all the information you need to complete all 35 Fractured Peaks side quests in the action role-playing game developed and published by Blizzard Entertainment.

Diablo 4 Fractured Peaks Quests Locations Map

Most of the side quests that are available to undertake can be found on the map with a big blue exclamation mark, “!“.

But other side quests can be started by picking up a particular quest item that can be dropped or found in certain areas.

Once you have embarked on a quest, an additional objective is displayed in different ways, such as:

  • a blue circle on the map to indicate the general location you need to head towards
  • blue diamond icons represent a particular object, target, or location to track

In the custom map below, we’ve marked the exact starting location of each Fractured Peaks side quest.

All Fractured Peaks Side Quests in Diablo IV

All Fractured Peaks Side Quests List in Diablo 4

If you need help completing any Fractured Peaks side quest in Diablo 4, refer to the comprehensive table presented below for more information following the same order as the one on the custom map above.

Also, click on the quest name to access a detailed guide if you need further information.

No.Side Quest NameHow To Complete
1.Menestad CoffersSpeak with Kudomyla in Kyovashad. Investigate the road to Menestad, northwest of Kyovashad, for Monk Bozan. After you find and speak with Monk Bozan, collect and deliver the Tithing Demands to Talgun, the Merchant Lord, located in Menestad.
2.Raising SpiritsSpeak with Guard Boza in Kyovashad. Enter the small training area highlighted on the map. Open the Emote Wheel by pressing Dpad Up (PS/Xbox) or E (PC). Find the Cheer Emote on the left of the three wheels and use it. Return to Guard Boza to finish the side quest.
3.The Sealed Door Speak with Strange Beggar in Kyovashad. Head northeast towards the blue circle-marked area on your map. Slay the Khazra attempting to breach the Sealed Door. It only spawns as you get close to the door. After you take him down, defeat the Death Priest that spawns on the Sealed Door to finish the side quest.
4.The Woodsman of NeveskSpeak with Magdalena in Nevesk. Head towards the top area of the blue circle marked on your map. Interact with the Woodman’s Axe to spawn the Woodsman. Kill him and pick up The Woodman’s Axe. Return to Nevesk and speak with Magdalena to finish the side quest.
5.Malady of the SoulSpeak with Sister Octavia in Kyovashad. Follow Sister Octavia and enter the Frigid Cellar dungeon. Speak with Sister Octavia inside the Frigid Cellar. Head into the next room and place the chalice on the ground, then speak with Sister Octavia again. Slay the carvers and Xul’goth that spawn during the ritual. Leave the cellar and talk to Sister Octavia outside to finish the side quest.
6.Depths of DespairSpeak with Sister Octavia in Kyovashad. After talking to Sister Octavia, head into the Ominous Cellar and slay the carvers. Leave the cellar to check on Kvera outside. Once you speak with her, chase Vasek to the Kyovashad Sewers.
Make your way to the Kyovashad Sewers until you find Vasek. After you speak with Sister Octavia, place the chalice on the ground to begin the ritual. Slay Demotath, leave the sewers, and talk to Sister Octavia to finish the side quest.
7.Faith in BloodSpeak with Petr in Kyovashad. Follow the quest marker and enter the Ominous Cellar. Speak with Sister Octavia lying on the bed. Travel to Margrave and talk to Priest Matvey to obtain the silver chalice. Head east of Kyovashad towards the blue circle and fill the chalice with Bandit blood – kill bandits until you fill the track bar. Go back to Priest Matvey and interact with the Smoldering Pyre Wood near him. Return to Kvera’s home and speak with Petr. Enter the Ominous Cellar, place the chalice on the ground, and begin the exorcism. Slay the carvers and Demotath, leave the cellar, and speak with Sister Octavia outside to complete the side quest.
8.Sight to MadnessSpeak with Vilek in Kyovashad. Head to Nostrava and enter the Cultist Refuge dungeon northeast of Stronghold. Find and slay Theya in this dungeon to retrieve the Necklace of Eyes. Fast travel back to Kyovashad and give the Necklace of Eyes to Vilek to conclude the side quest.
9.FrostbloomAfter picking up the Frostbloom when harvesting herbs around the Fractured Peaks, go to Kyovashad and speak with Veroka to finish the side quest.
10.A Cold FaithAfter picking up the Pilgrim’s Journal near the northeast exit of Kyovashad, travel to Margrave and speak with Priest Matvey to finish the side quest.
11.The Cleansing FlameSpeak with Priest Matvey in Margrave. Head northeast to the blue circle on the map, clear the area, and interact with the brazier. Kill the waves of enemies during the ritual to cleanse the area. Return to Margrave and speak with Priest Matvey to complete the side quest.
12.Bound by BloodSpeak with Lacthan in Margrave. Then, talk with Priest Matvey, Guard Cvetko, and Meridan. Head with Lacthan east of Margrave to the marked area on the map. To search for clues, interact with the two bodies around the campfire and the broken barrels on the grass. Search the Western Tunnels for the entrance to the Cutthroat’s Escape dungeon. Make your way with Lacthan through the dungeon until you find his brother, Perithan. After you find Perithan, slay Outlaw Sharpshooter boss, then speak with him to complete the side quest.
13.Legacies of Light’s WatchSpeak with Zalan Coste in Margrave. Enter the Light’s Watch dungeon north of Margrave. Find and collect all three Acquire Archivist’s Journals inside the dungeon. Return to Magrave and speak with Zalan Coste to complete the side quest.
14.Better DaysAfter picking up the Faded Old Painting from searchable corpses east of Margrave, bring the painting to Zalan Coste in Margrave to finish the side quest.
15.Unwritten EndAfter picking up the Merchant’s Ledger from the Bandit-type monsters east of Margrave, return to Zalan Coste and give it to him to complete the side quest.
16.Ravenous DeadSpeak with Olesia in Yelesna. Head into the blue-marked area northeast of Yelesna and slay the red-marked Ghouls on the minimap until you’ve collected 15 Ghoul Hearts. Head back to Yelesna and talk to Olesia to finish the side quest.
17.Traveler’s PrayerInteract with the Pilgrim’s Letter inside The Hog’s Head in Yelesna.  Go north to the blue circle-marked area and stand in front of the shrine. Open the Emote Wheel by pressing Dpad Up (PS/Xbox) or E (PC). Find the Thanks Emote on the left of the three wheels and use it. Open the chest called Pilgrim’s Supplies to finish the side quest.
18.Unyielding FleshSpeak with Krystyna in Yelesna. Proceed east into the blue circle area marked on your map and search for Feodor, who hangs in chains. Head southeast of Feodor and confront the mysterious woman. The mysterious woman turns into a demon, Yulia the Hellbound that you must slay. Return to Krystyna, where you found Feodor, and speak with her. Pick up the Fine Dagger stuck in Feodor’s corpse to complete the side quest.
19.Gold Well SpentSpeak with Meros in Menestad. Go northwest to find Luskas and speak with him. Kill him to retrieve the Payment of Gemstones. Return to Menestad and give the Payment of Gemstones to Meros to finish the side quest.
20.Chain of PossessionSpeak with Parin in Menestad after completing the Woodsman of Nevesk. Enter the Red Cellar and approach Magdalena. Slay Magdalena and take the Woodsman’s Axe. Speak with Parin inside the cellar to complete the quest.
21.Legacy UnmadeAfter you complete the Chain of Possession side quest, meet the Parin in the Crags of Ill Wind, northeast of Menestad. Enter the Sanctified Study and follow Parin into this large room. Pick up the Woodsman’s Axe and place it in the cauldron with holy water. After protecting Parin and slaying the giant Demon, interact with Woodsman’s Axe to destroy it. Speak with Parin to finish the quest.
22.Forgive MeAfter you pick up the Bloodied Note dropped by the Julek, Herald of Woe, inside the Kor Dragan Barracks dungeon, travel to Menestad and talk to Roza to complete the side quest.
23.Hungering Bone CacheAfter you pick up the Hungering Bone Cache in Melnik’s Hill, west of Menestad, head south to the blue circle area marked on the map. Kill Werewolves to harvest their death anima until you complete the side quest.
24.Cries of InnocenceSpeak with Vendral Trost in Olyam Tundra, east-northeast of Kyovashad. Enter the Black Asylum dungeon northeast of Vendral Trost. Find and slay the tormented spirit of Corik Trost. Return to Vendral Trost and speak with him to complete the quest.
25.The Dread MartyrSpeak with Sir Cromwell in Olyam Tundra, northeast of Kyovashad. Enter the Hollowed Ossuary dungeon southeast of Sir Cromwell. Find and slay Lord Avitus inside the dungeon to finish the quest.
26.Secret of the SpringInteract with the Discarded Note northeast-north of Kyovashad and southwest of the Forsaken Quarry at the top of the ladder. Proceed northeast to the spring blue circle marked on your map. Open the Emote Wheel by pressing Dpad Up (PS/Xbox) or E (PC). Select Customize, search for Wait Emote, add it to one of the three wheels, and save the changes. Open the Emote Wheel again and use the Wait Emote near the spring. Open the Buried Chest to finish the quest.
27.Exorcist’s CachePick up the Sealed Exorcist’s Cache dropped Ice Clan Maulers, Ice Clan Marauders, Ghosts, or Skeletons east of Kyovashad within the Frigid Expanse area. Head into the target area northeast of Kyovashad and kill all the red-marked undead on the minimap to gather spirit anima. Fill the progress bar to complete the side quest.
28.Gory DisplayPick up the Warrior’s Chain dropped by any Ice Clan Impaler southwest of the Bear Tribe Refuge. Travel to Bear Tribe Refuge and give the Warrior’s Chain to Sena to finish the quest.
29.Shattered TributeTalk to Sena in Bear Tribe Refuge. Enter the Hoarfrost Demise dungeon north of the Bear Tribe Refuge and slay the red-marked Ice Clan monsters to collect Ice Clan Bones. Once you’ve collected 25 Ice Clan Bones, return to Bear Tribe Refuge and talk to Sena to complete the side quest.
30.Hammer of the ChampionSpeak with Gregonach in Bear Tribe Refuge. Enter the Rimescar Cavern dungeon south after completing the Malnok Stronghold and acquire the Grizzly’s Maul from an Impaled Champion Baltok. When you are close, it will be highlighted on the minimap map. Return the Grizzly’s Maul to Gregonach in Bear Tribe Refuge to finish the quest.
31.The Beast’s ChallengeTalk to Greganoch in Bear Tribe Refuge. Find and slay Kauller the Collector, north of the Bear Tribe Refuge in the marked area. Pick up the Head of Kauller the Collector dropped, return to the Bear Tribe Refuge, and speak with Greganoch. Mount the Head of Kauller on the nearby pile of remains to conclude the side quest.
32.Call of the AncientsFind Chieftain Glous in Bear Tribe Refuge. Head east and enter the Hallowed Glacier dungeon. Explore the Glacial Tunnels with Chieftain Glous until you find and slay Gharl. Then, explore the Bloodsoaked Glacier with Chieftain Glous until you find and slay Sakoth. Pick up the Bloodstone and bring it to the Bloodstone Pedestal to open the door. Enter the boss room and speak with Kravett, the Bear Tribe Shaman. After you slay Cyhrach, speak with Kravett again to complete the quest.
33.Blood SermonSpeak with Sister Vera in Kor Valar. Enter the Sanguine Chapel dungeon in the Alabastek Peak east of Bear Tribe Refuge. Make your way through the dungeon, slay the Bishop, and take the Red Chalice. Travel to the Bear Tribe Refuge and speak with Sister Vera to finish the side quest.
34.Icebound GeodePick up the Icebound Geode dropped by the Ore Veins in the Gale Valley of Fractured Peaks. Fast travel to Kyovashad and speak to Jeweler Kratia. After you buy the Acid Flux from Idania, use the Jeweler’s Tools near the shop entrance to complete the side quest.
35.Righteous IdolBuy the Carved Wooden Knight from Tsvemir, the Armor Vendor in Yelesna. Travel to Margrave and give the Carved Wooden Knight to Zalan Coste to finish the side quest.

And that’s how you complete all Fractured Peaks side quests in Diablo 4. If you think this guide was helpful, make sure to check our Wiki Hub Page here for more content like this.

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  1. One of the unknown quests is done by picking up an Ice Geode from farming ores within the Fractured Peaks.

    1. Thanks! Will check it out and add it to the list with credits for the hint. Did you manage to find it?

  2. I spent 2 hours in fractured peaks prospecting ores. The location in region is still unknown. The other side quest may just be inside of a dungeon or a cellar, or looted off a corpse. I will keep searching

    1. It is a random drop but the trick here is that it is a post-story quest. It only drops after the story.

  3. another one i found off a vendor in Yelesna, an idol that you bring to Margrave [I noticed it after having done 33/35 quests so it prob requires doing some quests in margrave before appearing.]

    1. Thank you! Will check it out and after we confirm it, we’ll add it to the list with the proper credits.

  4. hey, could you be a little more specific on which vendor?
    i am also 33/35 but can’t really see anything like that

    1. The vendor near the blacksmith but you won’t be able to buy any idol, unless you finish the story. This is confirmed by our staff.

  5. Confirmed by me – After turning in #15 – merchant’s ledger – i went to yelesna and there was a sidequest to buy an idol off an NPC

  6. can confirm now, after merchant ledger i was able to buy wooden figurine in yalesna and am now 35/35

    so the ones you are missing for 34 and 35 are geode and the figurine which is available after ledger in yalesna

    i did complete the main story beforehand so no idea if that matters tho

    1. Thank you! You were able to find them because you finished the story. That’s the requirement for these two.

    1. Yeah, we got them. The good news is that they are not bugged. The bad news is that you must beat the story in order to be able to play them.

  7. Thanks you for this guide, I spend too much time to find frostbloom and Icebound Geode. You really did a good job

  8. I am 31/35 but I did both of these quests already. I cant figure out what quests I am missing in Fractured Peaks……

    1. There are additional quests that can be started by finding items from drops or by interacting with crates, corpses, etc. They do not appear on your map. This guide was created to help you track all quests since the game doesn’t give you this option. My suggestion is to check again all locations.

  9. Im at 34/35.
    I did the story and prologue. I cant find the missing quests. Been killing, looting and looked at maps with quest locations 🙁

    1. The best thing you can do is double check the unmarked quests on our list because you most likely missed a quest-item. Focus on quests such as Frostbloom, Gory Display or Forgive Me and double check their locations.

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