Diablo IV Gory Display: Where To Find the Warrior’s Chain

by Vlad
June 11, 2023

Diablo 4 Warrior’s Chain is a quest item you’ll have to find to start the Gory Display quest in the Fractured Peaks region of the video game developed by Blizzard Entertainment.

Diablo 4 Gory Display can’t be triggered without the Warrior’s Chain, so this quest is easy to miss.

Since the Gory Display side-quest doesn’t get marked on your mini-map like other side-quests, it means that it’s hidden, and you won’t know about it unless you get your hands on the Warrior’s Chain.

Fear not, though, because, throughout the following guide, we’ll explain where to find the D4 Warrior’s Chain and how to complete the Gory Display side-quest.

How To Start the Gory Display Quest in Diablo 4 (Warrior’s Chain Location)

To start the Gory Display quest in Diablo 4, you must find the Warrior’s Chain, an item dropped by Khazra enemies in Olyam Tundra.

Olyam Tundra is a sub-region within the Frigid Expanse area of Fractured Peaks. You can see the approximate location you must explore on the following map.

Find the Warrior's Chain quest item by Killing Khazra enemies in Olyam Tundra

You can also see on the map above that the search area is south of the Bear Tribe Refuge. As you can probably guess, the Warrior’s Chain item drops randomly by killing the goat-like demons that will ambush you at the location we have marked.

While this is a random drop, there are several important aspects you should be aware of before looking for the Warrior’s Chain:

  • This item is dropped exclusively by Khazra mobs
  • The drop chance is higher if you kill elites
  • If you can’t find it early in the game, consider discovering the Bear Tribe Refuge and complete all side-quests available
  • If the item still doesn’t drop, focus on the main quests in Act 1 and complete all of them

In the following screenshot, you can see what Diablo 4 Warrior’s Chain quest item looks like. For us, it was dropped by an elite Ice Clan Impaler.

Diablo 4 Warrior's Chain is a quest item dropped by Ice Clan mobs.

How To Use the Diablo 4 Warrior’s Chain

Once you get your hands on the Warrior’s Chain quest item, you must bring it to the Bear Tribe Refuge or the village in the Seat of the Heavens area of Fractured Peaks.

This settlement should be north of the search area marked on our map above.

Upon entering the village, look for a female NPC named Sena (also pictured below).

Bring the Warrior's Chain to Sena to complete the Diablo 4 Gory Display quest.

Bring the chain to Sena, and she’ll tell you it belonged to another NPC named Namran. Now, the Gory Display quest ends, and you’ll receive your rewards: Gold, XP, 20 FRactured Peaks Renown Points, and a Herb Cache.

Finally, it is worth knowing that there are additional secret quests you should focus on before moving to Act 2 in Diablo 4. Refer to our Fractured Peaks hidden quests guide here to finish all of them.

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