Diablo IV Faith in Blood: How To Fill the Chalice With Bandit Blood

by Vlad
June 8, 2023

Faith in Blood is the third and final Diablo 4 side-quest involving Sister Octavia and the demons that control the Kyovashad citizens in the latest video game published by Blizzard Entertainment.

Diablo 4 Faith in Blood is a bit longer than the previous two quests in Sister Octavia’s questline, but mandatory if you wish to complete all Fractured Peaks side quests.

Since it’s part of a questline consisting of 3 quests, Faith in Blood can be unlocked only after you complete the first two quests for Sister Octavia.

This side-quest also requires you to deal with some Bandits, and throughout the following guide, we’ll discuss their locations and how to save Sister Octavia.

How To Start the Faith in Blood Quest in Diablo IV

To begin Faith in Blood, first, you’ll have to complete the previous two quests named Malady of the Soul and Depths of Despair.

Once you finish both of them, consider leaving Kyovashad by fast-traveling to another location, then returning to the city, and you should be able to see another exclamation mark near the Kyovashad Waypoint.

Diablo 4 Faith in Blood start near the Kyovashad waypoint

Head to the location on our map above and look for Petr, the NPC you met during the Malady of the Soul quest. You may remember that you have saved his son.

When you ask him what is going on, he’ll tell you that Sister Octavia sent him to deliver a letter.

According to Sister Octavia’s Letter, while trying to save Vasek in Depths of Despair, you didn’t kill Demotah. The demon escaped, and he is now possessing Sister Octavia.

Now the poor woman wants to talk to you, so open your map and head to the next objective marker, the Ominous Cellar you discovered while looking for Vasek.

Inside the Cellar, talk to Sister Octavia, and she’ll tell you that this time, you must perform the ritual and exorcise the demon alone since she can’t help you anymore. The problem is that you need a new Holy Chalice, and to get one; you have to visit Matvey, the priest in Margrave.

Where To Find Priest Matvey in Margrave

After talking to Octavia, exit the Ominous Cellar and open your map. You’ll find Priest Matvey in the small village known as Margrave, south of Kyovashad.

Priest Priest Matvey is found in Margrave, south of Kyovashad

Travel to the location on the map above, and when you enter the city, look for Priest Matvey near the pyre in the center of the settlement.

Talk to him, and after a bit of intimidation, he’ll give you the Holy Chalice, outlining that to perform the ritual on Sister Octavia, first, you must fill the Chalice with Bandit Blood.

How To Fill the Chalice With Bandit Blood

To continue the Faith in Blood quest, open your map and notice the eastern area you must reach after you obtain the Chalice.

Within the region’s borders, you’ll find the Bandits you must defeat to fill the Holy Chalice with Bandit Blood.

When entering the Western Tunnels, focus on killing the Arsonists and Marauders. It is worth knowing that one of them may drop the Merchant’s Ledger, allowing you to start the Unwritten End side-quest.

As you keep slaying the enemies marked by red dots on your minimap, you’ll fill the Chalice.

To fill the chalice with Bandit Blood, kill Arsonists and Marauders in the Western Tunnels.

When the Chalice is full, return to Priest Matvey in Margrave and talk to him, then interact with the Smoldering Pyre Wood in front of him to place a piece of pyre wood in the Chalice.

Now, you’ll want to travel fast to Kyovashad and the Ominous Cellar under Kvera’s Home, where Sister Octavia awaits.

Before entering, talk to Petr again, and once inside, place the Chalice near Octavia’s bed to start the exorcism.

After starting the exorcism, stay alert because you’ll have to deal with some demons before engaging Demotah or the Baron of the Frozen Wastes.

Defeat the boss, then talk to Sister Octavia inside the Cellar and again outside to complete the Faith in Blood side-quest.

Your rewards for saving Sister Octavia include XP, Gold, 20 Renown Points, and a random item.

Now that you finished the Faith in Blood quest and the Malady of the Soul questline remember to check our Diablo 4 Fractured Peaks side-quests list and focus on the remaining quests in the first region of the video game.

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