Diablo IV Cleansing Flame: Where To Find the Ritual Brazier

by Vlad
June 8, 2023

Diablo 4 Cleansing Flame is a very short and accessible side-quest that involves finding and lighting a Ritual Brazier for Priest Matvey in the small town of Margrave, within the Fractured Peaks Region.

Diablo 4 The Cleansing Flame is one of the three side-quests available in Margrave and one of the 35 Fractured Peaks side-quests in the video game published by Blizzard Entertainment.

This side-quest becomes available early in the game, and through the following The Cleansing Flame walkthrough, we’ll tell you where to find the Ritual Brazier and how to set it on fire.

How To Start the Cleansing Flame Quest in Diablo IV

To start The Cleansing Flame quest in Diablo 4, you have to visit the town of Margrave after completing the Prologue.

During the Prologue, once you enter Kyovashad, you can unlock most Fractured Peaks side-quests.

At this point, you can visit the southern area of Fractured Peaks, and south of Kyovashad, you’ll find the town known as Margrave (pictured below).

Diablo 4 Cleansing Flame side-quest becomes available in Margrave after the Prologue.

During your first visit, you should be able to spot three exclamation marks. One is for the D4 Cleansing Flame side quest, and the other two are for the Bound by Blood and Legacies of Light’s Watch quests.

Once you reach Margrave, head to the central area, and near a pyre, you should be able to find Priest Matvey.

Talk to him and tell him that evil is besetting Margrave on all sides. He tells you he agrees, but there is a method to keep evil at bay. Precisely, a Ritual Brazier located not far from Margrave. Your objective is to find it and set it on fire.

Where To Find the Ritual Brazier in Diablo 4 Cleansing Flame

After starting the quest, open your map, and you should be able to spot a blue search area found northeast of your current location, or Margrave.

The Ritual Brazier is found northeast of Margrave

Travel to the marked area, and as you get close, you should find a large clearing in the region known as Ashen Hollow.

The brazier is hard to miss due to its size, as shown below.

The Ritual Brazier is in the area known as Ashen Hollow.

To light the Ritual Brazier and progress the Diablo IV Cleansing Flame side quest, all you need to do is interact with it; however, stay alert because you’ll be ambushed by Werewolves, including Storm Wargs, Volkodlaks, and Prowlers.

You’ll have to deal with all of them, then cleanse the area by defeating the next wave of enemies before returning to Priest Matvey in Margrave.

Inform the priest that you set the Ritual Brazier on fire, and he’ll reward you with Gold and a Murmuring Cache containing Murmuring Obols.

Obviously, you’ll also receive XP and 20 Renown Points for finishing the Cleansing Flame quest.

Now, it is recommended to check our Diablo IV Fractured Peaks side-quests guide to find the remaining quests in the first region you must explore as a Nephalem.

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