Diablo IV Bound by Blood: Where To Find Lacthan Brother’s Last Known Location

by Vlad
June 9, 2023

Diablo 4 Bound by Blood is a side-quest you can complete when visiting the small village of Margrave on the southern side of the Fractured Peaks region.

Diablo IV Bound by Blood side-quest requires you to find Lacthan’s brother within one of the Fractured Peaks dungeons.

Finishing this side-quest is mandatory if you aim to get 100% completion in Fractured Peaks, and our Bound by Blood walkthrough below reveals Lacthan Brother’s last known location and how to reach him.

How To Start the Bound by Blood Quest in Diablo 4

To start the Bound by Blood quest, you must visit the village known as Margrave, south of Kyovashad after you complete the Prologue in the video game developed by Blizzard Entertainment.

On your way to Margrave, it is recommended to retrieve the Pilgrim’s Journal and also complete A Cold Faith side-quest.

When you finally enter Margrave, look for Lacthan near the pyre in the center of the village. You should be able to spot it in front of a board at the location marked below.

Find Latchan in Margrave and talk to him to start the Diablo 4 Bound by Blood side quest,

When you ask him what is going on, Lacthan explains that some local hunters and his brother Perithan offered to guide some merchants through the mountain pass when they were attacked by bandits.

Since then, Perithan has gone missing, and Lacthan needs your help finding him. He suggests that first, you should ask some locals if they’ve seen Perithan. There are 3 NPCs you want to talk to:

  • Priest Matvey – found in front of Lacthan, near the pyre
  • Guard Cvetko – located inside the house behind Lacthan’s initial location near the board
  • Meridan – found north of the Margrave waypoint

Since none of the NPCs have seen Perithan, your next objective is to bring Lacthan to his brother’s last known location.

Where To Find Lacthan’s Brother Perithan in Diablo 4

To continue the Bound by Blood side-quest, you must travel east of Margrave, so open your map and notice the next objective marker in the screenshot below.

To find Lacthan’s Brother in Diablo 4 travel east of Margrave.

When you reach the marker above, you’ll enter a search area, and you’ll need to find several clues, as follows:

  • The slain merchant by the campfire
  • The empty barrels east of the campfire
  • The bandit’s corpse north of the campfire

Where To Find the Bandit Hideout in Sinner’s Chase

Now that you learned what happened to the merchants who accompanied Perithan, it is safe to assume that bandits attacked Lacthan’s brother, so you must find him.

From the camp where you found the clues, head northeast and enter the Western Tunnels. Once inside, you’ll get attacked by Arsonists, Giant Bats, and Marauders.

Pay close attention to the items dropped by Arsonists and Marauders because one of them may drop the Merchant’s Ledger, which allows you to start the Unwritten End side-quest.

Inside the tunnel, head south, and eventually, you’ll discover the Cutthroat’s Escape story dungeon at the location below.

Perithan is found inside the Cutthroat's Escape story dungeon in Fractured Peaks

When entering the Diablo 4 Cutthroat’s Escape dungeon, you must be aware that the instance is randomly generated, which means the level design is different for most players.

To find Perithan, however, you must deal with the final boss, so make sure you fully explore the tunnels in Cutthroat’s Escape, as they will eventually lead you to Lacthan’s brother.

After you defeat the Outlaw Sharpshooter boss in the large cave, you’ll witness a discussion between Perithan and his brother, learning how Perithan sided with the bandits.

Talk to Perithan inside the Cutthroat's Escape dungeon to complete the Bound by Blood Diablo 4 quest.

Since Perithan and Lacthan can’t return to Margrave, they decide to start over somewhere else, thus asking you never to tell anyone what Perithan did.

In exchange for your silence, you’ll receive a Gem Cache, and the Diablo 4 Bound by Blood quest is marked as complete; however, make sure you check our Fractured Peaks side quests locations guide here because there is a lot of work to do in the first region you explore as a Nephalem.

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