Diablo IV Unwritten End: Where To Find the Merchant’s Ledger

by Vlad
June 9, 2023

Diablo 4 Unwritten End is one of the quests you can complete for Zalan Coste in the small village of Margrave on the southern side of Fractured Peaks.

Diablo IV Unwritten End side quest is pretty similar to Better Days, meaning it requires a quest item Zalan is interested in—specifically, a Merchant’s Ledger.

Since this side quest is somehow hidden, our D4 Unwritten End walkthrough explains where to look for the Merchant’s Ledger and how to use it in case you already have it.

How To Start the Unwritten End Quest in Diablo 4

To start Unwritten End in Diablo 4, all you need to do is get your hands on the Merchant’s Ledger quest item; however, it is recommended to look for it after finishing the Legacies of Light’s Watch for Zalan Coste.

Once you finish the said quest, head back to Margrave and start the Bound by Blood quest for Lacthan, who wants you to help him find his brother east of Margrave.

While working on Bound by Blood, exploring the Western Tunnels, make sure you interact with the corpses on the ground because one of them will drop the Faded Old Painting, thus allowing you to start the Better Days side-quest.

As you can guess, the Western Tunnels is an area filled with Bandits, and one of them is carrying the Merchant’s Ledger you are looking for.

You can see the location where we have found the Merchant’s Ledger on the following map.

To start the Diablo IV Unwritten End side-quest get the Merchant's Ledger dropped by bandits in the Western Tunnels.

Diablo 4 Merchant’s Ledger is a quest item that drops randomly, meaning that you may not find it at the same location as the one on the map; however, it is known that it drops exclusively from Bandits in the Western Tunnels, such as Marauders.

You can see what the Merchant’s Ledger looks like below.

Get the Diablo 4 Merchant's Ledger by killing bandits

How To Use the Diablo 4 Merchant’s Ledger

As a quest item, the Merchant’s Ledger must be brought to a specific NPC, which happens to be Zalan Coste.

He is found in Margrave (west of the tunnels where you find the Ledger), near the stairs north of the Margrave pyre.

diablo 4 better days zalan coste location - GameClubz

Approach the NPC and ask him about the journal page. He’ll tell you it belongs to a merchant who tried hiring guards in Margrave, but nobody signed up for the job.

As the merchants left Margrave, they started disappearing and didn’t reach their destination.

For completing the Unwritten End in Diablo 4, you’ll receive 20 Renown Points, Gold, XP, and an Elixir Cache; but keep in mind that Zalan Coste is also looking for the Carved Wooden Knight you must retrieve as part of the Righteous Idol quest, or one of the two Fractured Peaks hidden quests explained here.

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