Diablo IV Malady of the Soul: How To Use the Chalice in the Frigid Cellar

by Vlad
June 7, 2023

Malady of the Soul is a Diablo 4 Kyovashad side-quest you can tackle when you finish the Prologue in the video game published by Blizzard Entertainment and the first quest in a series of three involving Sister Octavia.

Diablo 4 Malady of the Soul is also one of the seven side-quests in Kyovashad and an early quest you can complete without leaving the Fractured Peaks’ central city.

The side-quest also unlocks the Frigid Cellar, where your Nephalem must help Sister Octavia exorcise a demon.

Let’s see how to complete the Malady of the Soul D4 side-quest and help Octavia.

How To Start the Malady of the Soul Quest in Diablo IV

Malady of the Soul becomes available after completing the Prologue and reaching Kyovashad; however, it is possible for the quest marker (blue exclamation mark) to be missing during your first visit.

If this happens, consider exiting Kyovashad or fast-travel to another location for Sister Octavia to spawn.

As you can notice on our map below, Sister Octavia is found southeast of the Kyovashad waypoint.

To start Diablo IV Malady of the Soul side quest talk to Sister Octavia in Kyovashad

Upon arriving at the location marked on our map above, look for a female NPC in front of a wooden house.

When you ask her what is happening, she’ll tell you that she is about to exorcise a demon from a boy. You can see the boy’s father next to Octavia. She’ll also tell you that she needs your help and you should enter the Frigid Cellar behind her.

Frigid Cellar is found behind Sister Octavia

How To Use the Holy Chalice From Sister Octavia

Inside the Frigid Cellar, talk to Sister Octavia again, and she tells you that to start the ritual, she has to read specific passages from her prayer book after you place the Holy Chalice near the boy.

With the Holy Chalice in your inventory, enter the next room, where you’ll find a bed. On it is the boy possessed by the demon you are about to face.

Place the Holy Chalice near the bed in the Frigid Cellar

To place the Chalice, approach the item spot near the bed and interact with it.

Now, pay close attention to the dialogue between Petr (the boy’s father) and Sister Octavia, and wait for them to get close to the bed.

Next, talk to Sister Octavia again to start the exorcism and continue the Malady of the Soul side-quest. During the exorcism, you don’t have to do anything except witness Sister Octavia invoking Inarius and getting ready to deal with several Carvers sent by the demon inside the boy.

After you slay the Carvers, get ready because you’ll get to meet the demon inside the boy—specifically Xul’goth, an Elite summoner.

Defeating Xul’goth is mandatory for completing Malady of the Soul, so take care of him, then head outside the Frigid Cellar while Petr talks to his boy, Vata.

When you get outside, you’ll find Sister Octavia by the door. Speak to her, and she’ll tell you that more people need her help in Kyovashad, and if you are interested, she could use your assistance.

At this point, Diablo IV Malady of the Soul quest ends, and you’ll receive your reward of Gold, XP, Renown Points, and a Herb Cache.

Furthermore, you’ll be able to unlock the next quest in Sister Octavia’s questline, named Depths of Despair. Make sure you focus on it, as it also counts as one of the 35 Fractured Peaks side-quests.

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